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Helen Mirren Is Back As The Classiest Killer Ever In Red 2 Trailer

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Anthony Hopkins join the cast of Red 2 with Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, and John Malkovich reprising their roles. They’ve got a new director this time around though, Dean Parisot. You may know him from such films as Galaxy Quest. And well, that’s all you need to know because Galaxy Quest is awesome.

(via Deadline)

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  • Besomyka

    Okay, Hellen Mirren is fantastic.

  • Magic Xylophone

    Dang, you’re right. Dean Parisot does make me cautiously optimistic.

  • Aeryl


  • Katie

    It looks fantastic and as much fun as the first film. My only heartbreak is the lack of Karl Urban

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Every movie needs Karl Urban.

  • Anonymous

    I have the first RED, Gotta get RED 2 when it comes out…

  • Jim

    Awww Dame Helen with a handgun – I’m SO there!

  • JaneR

    Karl Urban, Y U NO THERE? T______T

    Though, I have to say, I’m excited to see Hellen Mirren reprise her role. She rocked in the first movie.

  • Tracy Dobbs

    Something to look forward to, I have such a huge crush on Helen Mirren…