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Might Pushing Daisies Get a Kickstarter-Funded Touch of Life?

The massive success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign—it’s raised $3.57 million and counting—has caused the creators of some other dear departed shows to perk up their heads and consider a fan-funded revival. One of those? Bryan Fuller, who’s expressed interest in doing a Pushing Daisies movie.

To quote the great Olive Snook: Jiminy krispies!

Rob Thomas, the man behind Veronica Mars‘s Kickstarter campaign, noted in an interview with HitFix that:

I did get an email from Bryan Fuller earlier today saying, ‘Hey, can you jump on the phone with me at some point? I know you’re busy, but I would love to talk to you about how this thing works.’ And I know it was specifically for Pushing Daisies.

Thomas went on to say that Veronica Mars producer Warner Bros., which also produced Pushing Daisies, is treating Veronica Mars as a “guinea pig—in the best way. They want to see if this model works, and they made the calculated decision… that we were a good test case for this. If it works, it works, and they could start doing more of these.”

Sounds promising. But what does Fuller have to say? Via The Hollywood Reporter:

“When I saw [the campaign] online, I said to my agent immediately, ‘Can we do this with Pushing Daisies or Wonderfalls?… And he said, ‘Pushing Daisies is going to take a lot more than $2 million to make into a movie…’

You can make a $2 million or $4 million Veronica Mars movie. For something like Pushing Daisies, which is more elaborate visually and also would require extensive prosthetics and those sorts of complicating production elements, it’s a little more daunting.”

How much more daunting? Fuller estimates that a movie version would cost $10 million. Worth noting, though, is that not all of that would necessarily have to be raised through Kickstarter. Many independent movies that turn to crowdfunding only try and raise part of their budget there. They can then turn around and show that amount to individual investors, a sort of tangible “Hey, look how many people want to see this move so much that they’ll spend their own money to see it happen! Now write us a check!” (I’m not sure how Warner Bros. would feel about those investors getting a cut of the profits, not just a DVD or a signed poster… but hey, I’m going to try for some Chuck-style optimism here.)

Another roadblock to a Pushing Daisies revival is that Fuller is currently working on another show for NBC: “If I weren’t in Toronto finishing up on Hannibal, I’d be knocking on doors at Warner Brothers, asking, ‘Is this a viable plan for Pushing Daisies?’”

It’s OK, Bryan. I’ve survived this long on only meager hints about a Pushing Daisies musical. I can wait for a little longer. As long as I get to see what happens with Ned’s father eventually.

(via: Bleeding Cool)

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  • Becca C.

    Yes please! As long a they get all the original actors.

  • Jenny Randall

    I’d gladly suffer poorly executed SFX for a great story & some closure to the series with the same main cast.

  • Inky

    Holy crap, if this happened it would be the first Kickstarter I’ve ever contributed to, but I would throw as much money as possible at this.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but if the movie lasts more than a minute than another movie has to die in it’s place.

  • Anonymous

    Uhh… is anyone else starting to get extremely concerned about this whole kickstarter thing being used to resurrect probably-better-off-left-dead TV shows?

    (Aside from the usual Kickstarter problem of expecting people to pay up front for something that doesn’t exist yet)

    Admittedly, Kickstarter really isn’t my thing. Neither are Pushing Daisies and Veronica Mars. So maybe I’d feel different if it was something I cared about. But sometimes TV shows die. And sometimes TV shows die before they should. It’s sad but then, maybe letting them go is the best thing you can do. I’ll say that Firefly really IS my thing, but if I had the choice of having Mr. Whedon resurrect it or come up with a fresh new idea I know what I’d pick.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    How does one determine which shows should be “let go,” though? I see your point in theory, but if the fans, the cast, the crew, and the network all want a show to be revived, what’s the problem?

    I’ve been seeing a lot of naysaying regarding Kickstarter’s potential to resurrect old shows, and most of it seems like it’s jumping the gun to me.

  • Julie Kessler

    -grabby hands-

  • Anonymous

    This is such an incredible thing that is starting to happen in the film industry. If we really want a movie, hell we don’t have to wait around for a studio to fund it, WE CAN. That is so exciting, and I am sure has the warning bells ringing for producers, because the creators of makers of these projects will get more of the proceeds than they would have ever gotten in the past!

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of which, where’s that Pushing Daisies wrap-up comic book that DC/Wildstorm was supposed to publish years ago?

  • Totz_the_Plaid

    I’m definitely for this! It was one of those “can’t miss” shows for me during its run, and I’d LOVE to see it get closure! (I’m all for more Veronica Mars as well.)

    A few shows that I’d also love to see closure to in some form:
    - The Pretender:
    The creators needed just one more movie/miniseries to wrap up Jarod’s story. It’s not a perfect show, nor is it a particular personal favorite, but I think it’s great enough to deserve one last hurrah.
    - The Black Donnellys:
    Am I the only one who remembers this show? It premiered alongside Heroes and due to its darkness and violence never had a chance on network TV. It was damn good, though, and its season/series finale ended on a major cliffhanger, plus its highly entertaining framing device was nowhere near resolved, or even set up within the framed central plot. At the very least, I’d love to see an official written wrap-up by the creators to explain what was going to happen. Ideally, however, it deserves another season on a channel that would allow for the violence.
    - The X-Files:

  • Kelsie Maureen

    I would give a Pushing Daisies kickstarter so much money!

  • Anonymous

    Even if you like the show, there’s room for skepticism. Kickstarter is ostensibly a method for independent creators and artists to get funding. The idea of a production company, which is already a for-profit venture, soliciting money for TV shows is ludicrous. It goes from user-driven content to “same old same old, but pay us upfront”. That’s not an appealing business model (unless you’re a production company). It’s quite worrying, bordering on exploitative.

  • Mikaking

    OH MY GOD THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN….Just saying because every time I finally like a T.V show it gets cancelled or has like two seasons. I just need to know what happens from ending of season two!!

  • Frea O’Scanlin

    Oh, man, I loved the Black Donnellys! There was a tiny BD reunion in the movie “The Next Three Days,” which had Jenny, Tommy, and somebody else I can’t remember (plus, you know, writer/director Paul Haggis, showrunner for BD). I don’t think it would work for a Kickstarter campaign (that much violence would be expensive, plus Olivia Wilde’s career has taken off, more or less), but it’d be neat to see it come back in some form, if only for the wrap-up you mentioned. I think, as long as it had Joey Ice Cream, I’d be set.

  • Ana Bastow