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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Power Grid

Protagidads: 7 Dads Who Get to Be The Hero

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  • Life Lessons

    I would like to add to the Benjamin Sisko entry. :)

    First: THANK YOU!!

    Second: Another WONDERFUL thing about the Sisko family was watching three generations of men father and care for each other. No wait. Let me make the even bigger point: It was three generations of black men nurturing each other.


    In time when black men in America are often critized for not being there for their children, here was a TV series that honored and paid respect to a family of black men who made sure to father and nurture the next generation. It was FANTASTIC!!! It is one of my fondest memories of DS9 and one that I like to share with others.

    Thanks again for adding the wonderful Siskos.

  • Anonymous

    Inability to understand children is one of Capt. Picard’s few (much-needed) character flaws, but you get the real impression in the show that, if he weren’t a captain (father-figure) to his crew, his next “best” world would be one with him surrounded by children. The episode that explores the alternate lives was one of the most grounding, I think, for Picard, who otherwise is so consistently awesome that he’s hard to connect with.

    But it’s unlikely he’d have been as good a father as Sisko.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    That episode still makes me cry.

  • Liz Wright

    THANK YOU for Ben Sisko and Bruce Wayne, and oh, man, I have so many feelings about Rusty Venture. One of my favorite things about season four was actually getting to see him care about the boys, at least a LITTLE–and it was oddly touching seeing how all of their mangled clone corpses haunt and infest his subconscious in “Assisted Suicide.”

  • Anonymous

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  • Emily Hill

    I like to add the first Doctor all be it we don’t see the son or daughter that had the grand daughter from what I can get the Doctor cares very much for his granddaughter 

  • Thebes

    Oga Tatsumi is missing, clearly. He’s a teenager to boot.

  • Mark Brown

    Don’t forget chief Hakoda of the Water Tribe, father of Sokka and Katara.

    He’s pretty much the anti-Ozai; he gave his children everything he could, even to the point of leading an army into exile to protect them –yet he was wise enough to step back and trust in the adults that he knew they could become.

  • Katie

    Don’t forget Harry Mason from Silent Hill!

  • ShifterCat

    I’d like to nominate Cutter from ElfQuest here.  When we see him in his role as tribe leader, he tends to be brash and fierce, but with his lifemate and children he’s playful and gentle — it’s clear that he gets a lot of joy out of being a dad.  He also has the wisdom to let his kids be themselves; he’s teaching his daughter to be the tribe’s next chief, and while he doesn’t understand his son’s seer gifts very well, he makes it clear that he supports him.

    Really, one of the Wolfriders’ strengths as a tribe is the way they teach all of their members excellent parenting skills.

  • Francesca M

    I liked Ben Sisko as a dad, he was a great dad. But seriously… Jake.. I did want to shove him out the nearest airlock. I know I know… shame on me.

  • Vickysandhu Sandhu

    Our seven Momtagonists are here,
    but today we’ll be covering seven Protagidads, all men who are either
    the main character of their story or, if it’s more of a team narrative,
    at least as important and vital as the other members of the core cast.

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  • Anna Sophia May

    yes! Although he’s not the protagonist.. perhaps Tenzin could count, though.

  • Anna Sophia May

    I’d like to nominate Liam Neeson’s character in Taken. Haven’t seen it, but I know the story well enough.
    Also, Harry Dreseden. Just Harry Dresden.