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We Have Another Entry Into the Pantheon of Excellent Portal Fanvids

Colin and Connor McGuire are the latest filmmakers to bring an excellent Portal fanvid to your computer screens. This one, called Portal: Survive!, is based on both the game and the tie-in comic Portal 2: Lab Rat.

(via: Geekosystem)

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  • Carmen Sandiego

    Very well done. Big screen movie, please?

  • Alexa

    Okay I’ve never played Portal 1 or 2, but this was awesome, it was so creepy and I love that they kept the CGI to a minimum.

  • Anonymous

    I still like that one with Chell working out in her cell the best, but I like that this one brought in the scientist from the Portal 2 Prequel comic. I would LOVE to see a full length movie that pretty much just has one woman and the female voiced computer trying to kill her and that’s it.