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Allow us to explain.

Do Try This At Home

These Portal Lego Sets Could Be a Real Thing, If You Want Them To Be

How do we love you, Cuusoo, Lego’s crowd sourced solution for getting fan designed sets made? Let us count the ways: official Minecraft Legos, Limor Fried… and now, Portal Legos. Look at this stuff, put together (literally) by a group called Team Jigsaw, in their pitch to make Portal Legos a reality if the internet can summon enough votes.


Modular testing chamber parts so you can design your own rooms!

Testing chamber signs!


The whole cast!

Now go vote for it so that I can buy them, build them, and keep them on my desk.

(story via Super Punch, all pictures via Team Jigsaw’s Flickr)

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  • Anonymous

    The only thing to remember is that getting 10,000 doesn’t automatically make the set happen, it only means Lego will give it a serious review. The Shawn of the dead set got the kibosh because they couldn’t rationalize doing a set based on am R-rated film. And several of the other kits that have hit the review threshold (like the Back to the Future and Legend of Zelda sets) would require licensing the rights to the characters, and that can run into serious money, possibly more than a boutique-sized release would warrant.

    More of my take, with plug for the MarySue and everything –

  • Captain ZADL

    I voted.

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