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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

she blinded me with science

Chell and Gordon Freeman: A Butt Kicking Match Made in Heaven

Chell and Gordon Freeman are often compared: they’re both the completely silent first-person protagonists of shooting-based games made by Valve Studios. The majority of what you see of them in the game is their arms, floating in front of the camera. They have no dialogue, or voice actors. They even, if hints in Portal games are to be taken seriously, exist in the same universe, where Black Mesa, the research facility that is the setting of Half-Life, competes for military contracts with Portal‘s Aperture Science Laboratories. Redditor Timtimfed has a comedic fan film coming out soon featuring a meeting between the two robot and alien fighting heroes, and prepared this poster for it. Click to embiggen!

(via Kotaku.)

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  • Bronson O’Quinn

    And don’t forget: Half-Life 2: Episode 2 ended with a reference to “our friends at Aperture Science”.

  • bananas

    or, you know, that whole thing Alyx’s dad was talking about with finding an aperture research boat in the ice somewhere
    it’s pretty clear they are in the same universe.

  • Kenny Zaborny

    Or the whole song with GlaDOS making fun of Black Mesa.

  • Brian Buckler

    Or when you hear Cave Johnson talk about Black Mesa. I guess when they say “hints” I just think of them as “obvious plot elements of the Valve universe.” :D

  • Anonymous

    Or the slide shows in the sealed-off rooms in Portal where you could see comparisons between Aperture’s sales and Black Mesa’s