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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Shared Pain Makes Pop Culture Strangers Become Buddies

Do you remember our post of pop culture enemies hugging it out? Well, this is sorta like that but a step further. Artist Chris Gerringer created an adorable series giving us his own spin on the meme “I Know That Feel, Bro.” These duos aren’t necessarily enemies, just characters who share a common bond with someone outside their universe. Example #1, Wolverine and Stitch are both genetic experiments. Read on for eight more delightfully rendered illustrations. 

Finn and Mario have princess problems.

Link and Peter Pan have overbearing fairies in their lives.

Pikachu and the Genie from Aladdin reside in itty-bitty living spaces.

Mega Man and Astro Boy, superpowered, robotic children.

The Hulk and Kermit know it ain’t easy being green.

Stormtrooper and Koopa Troopa are, sadly, expendable minions.

Wario and Bizarro are both exaggerated antiheroes. They also have names that end in O.

No, Triceratops and Pluto may not be pop culture icons but we will always have a special place in our hearts for scientifically demoted entities.

See them all at Paper Beats Scissors.

(via io9)

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  • Abby Hernandez

    The last made me “dawww”

  • Anonymous

    total win on the “overbearing faeries” ^_^

  • Michelle Davis

    I especially like the Triceratops and Pluto duo. :)

  • Abel Undercity

    Hulk and Kermit: It’s so not easy being green…

  • Cameron Rene Ramirez

    Pluto and Triceratops are certainly pop culture icons, Next to T-Rex, Tri-Tops is the go to dino, and some people still don’t know Pluto was demoted.

  • H

    Okay, even IF Jack Horner’s crazy triceratops hypothesis WAS true, Triceratops wouldn’t be demoted because it was the genus that was described first.  A more correct analogy would be brontosaurus.

  • Eric Lindberg

    I must be out of the loop. What’s the controversy over triceratops and has it indeed been demoted?

  • Anonymous

    No, Triceratops hasn’t been demoted, it’s all based on science “journalism” misreading the original report. The whole silly mess is summarised here:

    Horner’s theory is that the various specimens called Triceratops is a juvenile stage in the development of various specimens called Torosaurus, and that they are all the same species. This has led to people having apoplexies over the “loss” of Triceratops… except that since Triceratops was named first, it would be Torosaurus, NOT Triceratops, that would be discarded.

  • Bryan Thomas Schmidt

    Why is it cool for them to use bad grammar? 

  • Jill Pantozzi
  • Carmen Sandiego

    Except Triceratops was not demoted.  The default name is Triceratops because of the way naming rules work (that name was given first before the “discovery” of Torosaurs.  It’s ‘Torosaurus’ which would be removed from the nomenclature if the scientific consensus agrees that both are the same species.  Triceratops is here to stay, no matter what the outcome of the findings ends up being.

  • Michelle Davis

    Thanks for passing that on! Your dinosaur knowledge clearly defeats my dinosaur knowledge. :) I still like the picture, though, haha.

  • Jill Baker

    Pluto will always be a planet to me.