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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Winter Is Coming

Which Pokémon Could Replace The Game Of Thrones House Sigil Animals?

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Artist Cami Sanders (KaiKoa on DeviantArt) decided to take a few House Sigils from Game of Thrones and replace the current creatures (direwolf, dragons, etc.) with Pokémon. It’s subtle, mind you, and these could easily pass as just an alternate design of the sigils but look closer and you’ll see you must catch them all…

(via Kotaku)

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  • Kate

    This is so awesome. :)

  • Dan Griffin

    but Charizard isn’t a dragon.

  • Anonymous

    Not a dragon type, but it has all the dragon moves. Just change the house motto to “fire and flying”, and everything is peachy.

  • Lady Viridis


  • Lady Viridis

    But it obviously should be. The design is 100% fire-breathing dragon. It’s a similar mystery as to why Dratini and Dragonair don’t evolve into a final stage more like Milotic/Gyarados, rather than the derpy Dragonite.

  • Dan Griffin

    I do agree, i mean i still don’t get how Altaria is a dragon.