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Here’s The New PlayStation 4…Controller

So, Sony had their huge PlayStation 4 event yesterday (watch the whole thing at Geekosystem). There was just one problem – nobody thought to bring a PlayStation 4. Ok, that probably wasn’t the case but really, guys? (And yes, we literally do mean GUYS.) We’ve got a look from a different angle after the jump. 

Keep an eye on Geekosystem, they’ll have more details on the PS4 up later today! Edit: Here they are!

(via Kotaku)

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  • Michelle Mista

    Me, my hubby and our roomie were all watching the presentation yesterday and about 15 minutes in, we started MST3K’ing the darn thing because we’re like, “Great, show us the damned box already.” We gave up about an hour in. Good to know I didn’t sit through all of it not to hear anything useful!!

  • Pete Kilmer

    This was just the teaser announcement. They’ll have more at the Pax shows and E3. But it was a very underwhelming presentation

  • TKS

    There is no box. The box is an illusion.

    It’s going to be a dodecahedron. This is the future, after all.