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Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Yes.

Looks Like Gwyneth Paltrow Will Wear Armor In Iron Man 3!

Marvel Entertainment International President Simon Philips recently gave a talk in São Paulo, Brazil and said something he probably shouldn’t have. Apparently Tony Stark isn’t the only wearing armor in Iron Man 3 – Pepper Potts is suiting up!

At the last San Diego Comic-Con, director Jon Favreau revealed Gwyneth Paltrow almost had the opportunity to wear her own Iron Man armor in the previous films. “We almost did it a few times; we talked about it a lot. I think we all share your enthusiasm for that, and we all want to see Gwyneth kick a little ass,” he said. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige seconded the notion of wanting to see it happen. ”Everyone at this table thinks it would be the coolest thing in the world to see Pepper get in the suit at some point,” he said.

Looks like they finally decided to implement the fantastic idea with director Shane Black. reported the news in what I’m hoping wasn’t just a big game of telephone. They had the info from Brazilian entertainment site, Omelete, which no longer has the news online, but instead has a message that reads “information removed at the request of Disney.” Something tells me that’s a good sign. Here’s what CBM wrote:

A transcription of the spoilerific report, via Protocida, reveals that Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) will eventually have an underground Hall of Armors with at least 16 new armors, including a few classic designs from the comics. Simon Philips also revealed, or confirmed, that Virginia Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) will indeed get in on the action, this time by donning her own suit of armor.

We’ve already seen quite a number of suits in one of the Iron Man 3 posters, as well as a few different designs in a few photos, but we’ve yet to see a glimpse of Paltrow doing anything having to do with a suit of her own. (Mostly just getting caught by the bad guys and blown up.) But many of you know the character of Pepper Potts is more than just an assistant/girlfriend of Tony Stark, she’s donned her own armor as the hero Rescue in Marvel Comics. We don’t yet know if she’ll suit up for long in the film, if the armor will be a gift from Tony, or if she’ll cobble one together on her own to “rescue” her fella. I’m voting for the latter.

(via Blastr,  image via ladyavali)

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  • Marie

    Oh My God yes, for the love of God YES. About time :D Also, thumb up for using Avali’s wonderful art, such a fantastic artist :D

  • Anonymous

    Let’s hope so.

  • Kathryn

    Yay, I actually think it’d be cool if Rescue made an appearance in the films.

  • Mandy

    Meh. I’m not too excited yet. Not really sure how they are going to make it work. Movie Pepper never seemed to like the armor, ever since the first IM movie. Remember her horror at first seeing Tony and all those bullet holes? She is obviously a strong business woman but very much a civillan. She is on the edge of the whole superhero group. How are they going to write her heel-turn into suddenly thinking the armor is a good idea and wanting to be a hero herself? Rescue in the comics is fun but I’m not sure I’ll enjoy it’s transfer into the MCU. On top of hopefully all the crazy between Tony & the Mandarin and Extremis and something between Pepper and Killian (that creepy dude in the trailer, whatever his name was). Things could easily get crowded here with subplots.

  • Ashe P. Samuels

    I have a mighty need.

  • Jessica Dwyer

    I think this sounds horrible. Firstly when did Pepper have time to train in the armor. It was equally goofy when Rohdes did it in #2, even if he was a pilot. How did he suddenly know how to fly a suit? Tony actually had to learn by trial and error which we saw.

    Secondly I agree with Mandy. Pepper Potts in these movies is not a flyer and fighter type. Paltrow just doesn’t come off as believable as someone who could do any sort of damage in a suit. Meh.

  • Lance Maurice Eustache

    I immediately thought rule 63 but I wouldn’t hate it if it did happen. It could work.

  • Bel

    Rescue isn’t supposed to do damage.

  • TKS

    I could be mistaken, but I seem to remember that the trial and error was mostly in the construction of the suit, not the flying of it. Could it be that Tony Stark is a brilliant enough of a designer that the suits really are that user friendly?

  • TKS

    While this sounds neat, I don’t know if i believe the source all that much. On one site for just a bit? Seems a bit sketch to me.

  • Jessica Dwyer

    I understand what you are saying. What I’m saying is unless they manage to keep her character away from what she was like in Iron Man 2 this could be horrible.

    Also I think that they may be cramming too much into this film. I wish they wouldn’t. Iron Man #1 was good because it focused on the characters, 2 was horrible because there wasn’t even a script ready when they started filming and they had too many plot lines going on and tried to cram too many things into the story.

    If this is following the story line of how Pepper becomes Rescue then we’re going to have a lot stuff going on with a movie already rife with supposed bad guys and possibly two storylines from the comic.

  • Jessica Dwyer

    I don’t think he would have destroyed those cars if he could keep from it LOL

  • Nick Gaston

    Hopefully, y’know what that means…Pepper action figure! With variant helmet on/helmet off heads!

    …and who has the Marvel action figure licence? Do they have any body molds they can reuse for “action CEO Pepper Potts™ with tasteful business outfit”?

  • Anonymous

    Totally happy about finally getting another female superhero in the MCU but a little bummed at the same time because I’m sure she and War Machine/Iron Patriot are gonna continue to be excluded from the team-ups.

    Oh well, hope they don’t bungle this!

  • nosila5956

    FUCK. YES.

  • Mandy

    Isn’t she? While she was suposed to be more search and rescue (obviously) I’m pretty sure Tony put weapons in the suit, yeah? It’s been a while since I picked up Incinvible Iron Man but wasn’t she fighting the Hammer ladies in…Vol 5 of IIM I think? She snuck into some supervillan hideout and bust out Black Widow and Maria Hill. She was tortured and then kicked Madame Masque’s butt right before that. Rescue kicks a bunch of butt and does a lot of damage even if that wasn’t what she wanted to do at first.

    But yeah, even in that same run Pepper is telling Tony that she spent “years building towards this.Towards becoming this.” How long has Tony in MCU been Iron Man? Not too many years I’m assuming. Movie verse Pepper doesn’t have much backstory with the Avengers in MCU. She has just seen the impact on Tony. How beat up and downtrodden he gets after fighting. What is her motivation to suddenly decide to jump in the game? Why does she suddenly decide that she wants in the game? Comic Pepper has been dragged into the hero thing and then finally decides she can do more.

    I mean this is all hypothetical at this point and maybe the writers will have awesome motication for her. But as exciting as having movie Pepper get the upgrade from girlfriend to a hero in her own right I’m just having trouble seeing the movie verse character’s motivations. MCU Pepper just doesn’t come off someone who wants to jump right in the middle of this extremely dangerous occupation. At least the way Paltrow has been playing Pepper until now. So my fingers are crossed but I’m not sold on the idea yet.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    As long as they don’t call it Rescue and they give her a believable reason for suddenly knowing how to use the suit (or backup from J.A.R.V.I.S.).

  • Carmen Sandiego

    Best spoiler evar. Make it so!

  • Pete Pfau

    Hasbro, and to my knowledge, they’ve not made a single Pepper Potts figure yet.

  • Joey Cruz

    You acknowledge that he probably shouldn’t have said it… so naturally, the thing to do is put the spoiler in the TITLE of the post rather than give a warning and let people make the decision for themselves.


    That’s the third such strike for this site. The Mary Sue is off my bookmarks.

  • Anonymous

    That hip-to-waist ratio is insane.

  • Jerilyn Nighy

    Here’s most of the recent figures by Hasbro:

  • Jerilyn Nighy

    The implication is that in the interim between the movies, Rhodey has taken the suit for a spin now and then, via the fact that he has suit security privileges (conversation in doughnut shop: ” “Security protocols would not allow for unauthorized usage.”)

  • Jerilyn Nighy

    Neither is Iron Man, for that matter, hence all of the pulse-type, non-lethal “weapons” repulsor rays, unibeam, etc., in the books. Missiles, guns, and explosives weren’t added to the character until the grim and gritty phase of comics in the late 80′s. The Punisher originally fired non-lethal bullets in the books (as silly as that sounds).

  • JustPlainSomething

    Yeah, considering that the suit makes Tony much wider and taller, I’m pretty sure Pepper’s suit’s waist would need to be wider than that for her to be comfortable.

  • Chelsea Miller
  • john

    Does anyone else feel like the character of iron man is diminished by the ability of any person to wear the suit. It just seems to me like where’s the superhero element if anyone can put on the suit and be iron man. Just not good enough if you ask me.

  • Daniel Kover

    I don’t want to see Gwyneth kick a little ass…………………………………….*wait for it*…………………………………..I WANNA SEE HER KICK A WHOLE LOTTA ASS! >:D So there!