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The First Trailer For Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim With A Portal Cameo From GLaDOS?

We’ve been seeing some viral marketing for director Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming Pacific Rim but the trailer is finally here. And yes, there are some pretty cool alien monster things and giant robots but forget about all that. I just heard Ellen McLain, the voice of Portal’s GLaDOS in here!!! Also, a little bit of Idris Elba time. But…GLaDOS!!! McLain isn’t listed on the Pacific Rim IMDB page, but del Toro is a professed Valve fan, and you can’t mistake that voice. Ok, enough, just watch it for yourself.

(via igeektrooper)

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  • Lindsay Beaton

    Oh thank goodness I wasn’t just imagining things! I was SO distracted by GLaDOS I had to watch the trailer twice because once I heard that voice, it was all I could focus on!

  • Christopher LaHaise

    I know, right? GLaDOS! SQUEE!

  • Anonymous

    Chills. And holy crap a 200 million dollar sci-fi movie where two of the leads are people of color. I’m stoked.

  • Sara Sakana


    The gun turrets and neurotoxin weren’t enough, now you want to give her GIANT ROBOTS? Did you people learn NOTHING from the Take Your Daughter To Work Day Incident!?

  • Wil Sisney

    Here’s another source that confirms this is actually GLaDOS on loan from Valve. Looks like del Toro likes gaming as much as I do!

  • Lance Bravestar

    Blah blah cake joke. Awesome cameo aside, this actually looks like a cool movie. I mean, it’s a 2013 American blockbuster Kaiju flick!

  • Anonymous

    Looks fun, but like something I’ll be going to without my wife. ;-)

  • ricincakes

    Omg! I am totally geeking out right now. I hope it comes out in the early summer so I can wear my Aperture tank. Should I bring my Portal gun too?

  • Betty Windsor

    Dude, that’s not just Ellen McLain. That’s GLaDOS……being GLaDOS. THE EXPERIMENTS WILL BEGIN!

  • Life Lessons

    “Today we are cancelling the apocalypse!” – Idris Elba. OH squeee!!! LOVE it! Now to go and figure out what this movie is about. To the Internet!

  • Anonymous

    Torn between “ohhh myyyy goooddddd awesome!” And “wait I thought Idris Elba was the lead” (granted I was peripherally aware of this movie until now as something that was coming someday so maybe I misinterpreted)

  • Ashe P. Samuels

    This isn’t original whatsoever, but I genuinely thought that was GLaDOS in the trailer. It made me lean back in my chair and clutch a hand to my chest, it was so uncanny.

    Hard to cancel the apocalypse when it’s narrating your trailer, Idris Elba!

    This looks like it’ll be a pretty tight sci-fi film. There are some really impressive shots and great monster design.

    Did they really have to use a slur for the battalion’s name, though? Regardless of it being relatively unknown stateside, that’s pretty shitty.