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First Trailer For Outlander Series from Starz [Video]

Time traveling historical romance novel Outlander is getting a TV adaptation over at Starz, helmed by Ronald D. Moore of Battlestar Galactica fame, and we’ve finally gotten our first look at it. Diana Gabaldon‘s novel is pretty brutal and romantic and it looks like that has carried over into the TV series, which bodes well for fans. Can’t wait to see more!

(via Jezebel)

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  • John W

    Are the books any good?

  • imelda

    Nope! But that’s a matter of opinion.

  • Anonymous

    I like them very much :)

  • Anonymous

    I like them very much :)

  • Anonymous

    I am so very excited!!! it’s like I am a little kid waiting for Christmas. Although, I may be more excited that a new book is coming out this summer **AND** the show.

  • Kim Williams

    Very very good!

  • Kim Williams

    Sam H. is exactly the Jamie I pictured while reading (as long as his hair is red… LoL) This has the potential to be a wonderful watch!

  • Anonymous

    I personally didn’t like them, but I did want to (time traveling romance!). One of the big things that turned me off was that there’s a lot of rape/attempted rape. So be forewarned, that if that’s not something you want to read, this isn’t the book for you.

  • KryptoBunny

    I feel vaguely guilty about this, but I really wish that, considering the fanbase, this had a female showrunner.

  • Tiny Tina Booom

    There’s also a gay character whose only purpose is to be deus ex machina and I’m sad because he’s the most likeable character of the series.
    Also Diana Gabaldon had a nasty encounter with fans where she said some ridiculous things about fic and writing porn (mainly considering it doesn’t seem a coincidence that the Outlander series look a lot like DW fic).

  • Jennifer Graybeal

    The first book is excellent, the next 2 are very good, book 4 rambles. That’s as far as I’ve gotten but there are 7 published Outlander novels, number 8 is due in June. They are all long (800+ pages each), packed full of period details. Claire is a strong female character and star of the books – the first book is told in first person, her perspective. The others tend to change perspective, but Claire is still the central story teller. There’s also 4-5 shorter ones that take place in the same universe but focus on a side character (a gay man in 1740′s). The TV series will be based on the first book – so read that and see what you think. :)

  • Trask

    Thank you! I’ve debating going out to the library to pick one of these up and I think I might just do that. If the tv series does well, I’m sure they’ll expand to the next books.