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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Power Grid

Our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Allow Us to Explain

Allow Us to Explain

The holiday season is upon us, and with that comes the joy—or stress, depending on how you look at it—of giftgiving. If you’re not quite sure about that perfect gift for your parent/sibling/friend/significant other/etc., you might find yourself tempted to resort to the dreaded gift card. But, dear reader, we believe in you. We know that you have it in you to do better. But everyone needs a little help, and that’s where our Holiday Gift Guide comes into play.

Whether the giftee in question is a comics geek, a film geek, an animation geek, whatever—there’s something to be found for them on this list. You can thank us later.

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  • Anonymous

    “Giftee” seems like a really wonderful word. Thanks for the list, too!

  • Dread Pirate Rachel

    Is the lead picture a stock photo? Because I really want that wrapping paper.

  • Anonymous

    If you want a GoT cookbook, just go straight for the good stuff. A Feast of Ice and Fire is by the lovely ladies who run It’s awesome, and delicious. Promise.

  • Anonymous
  • Jenni Hill

    You’re not going to rec any fiction (under ‘books’)?

  • Steve Jacobs

    it’s printable wrapping paper. you can get it at 7thhouseontheleft dot com slash 2012 slash 02 geeky-valentine

  • Paul Giachetti

    No mention of Hasslein Books’ newest Back to the Future Encyclopedia? I am disappoint.

  • Alan Kistler

    Totally true. I have a copy myself and it’s great!

  • Alan Kistler

    Damn, that sounds WONDERFUL!

  • Ashley Sue

    Was just about to say the same thing! It’s great cookbook and much better than the “unofficial” version.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    I’m trying to come up with a gift for my sister…are any of you expert giftgivers?

    She’s two months shy of eighteen, has previously been a fan of My Sister’s Keeper and Looking For Alaska, and is currently, sigh, into serial killers. I think/hope it’s a phase, but in a similar mood in high school, I liked Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk. However, I grew out of that phase and think she will too, so I’m not sure if I should indulge it or look toward the future. In any case, something less nichy would probably work, but I tend to read within certain confines…so, I’m not sure that my expertise in fandoms such as Discworld would really pan out. Yet I’ve always thought of Picoult as the same kind of industrial commercial writing that King pumps out every year, so I was hoping for something more sophisticated…I’m not thinking of JUST books, but sometimes what a person reads (or if they read) says a lot about their interests…

    Reading back over this, it feels dreadfully desperate for suggestions. Maybe just a gift card?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous