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One Fan’s Jokecast is Another Fan’s Fancast, or Oprah as Amanda Waller

Look, I’ve put together lists of really unlikely and off-kilter casts so I know from personal experience that no matter how ridiculous you make your list, somebody is going to think that your joke casting actually really works. And I know that can be annoying.

But I can’t be the only person who would actually love to see Oprah put her HBIC face on and be the government lady the whole Justice League has to be careful around.

(John Trumbull via the always awesome The Line it Is Drawn.)

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  • Philip Lopez

    I’d…..actually be ok with this casting.

  • Matt

    No, any live-action version of the Wall must be played by CCH Pounder, end of story.

  • totz the plaid

    People forget that Oprah’s done quality acting work in the past and assume that she’d ham it up in her TV host style.

    Frankly, while she’s not my first choice, I know she could bring the necessary gravitas to the role.

  • KA

    Worth a shot.

  • John Trumbull

    I’m actually not really familiar enough with Oprah’s work as an actor to say whether or not she’d be good as the Wall — I mainly just wanted to draw this to do the “Everybody gets a Suicide Mission” gag I thought of. Thanks for sharing it & glad you liked it!

  • Gary Keyes

    CCH Pounder. Period.

  • PITAchic

    I am picturing Alfre Woodard standing toe to toe with Picard in First Contact. /yes

  • Anonymous

    I mean, CCH Pounder is pretty much perfect, but I’d love to see O do at least a scene. I think she’d surprise us.