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Fact From the Vapor of Nuance

Ophelia Lovibond Joins Guardians of the Galaxy

With the news that Marvel and Zoe Saldana have worked out an arrangement that leads to her playing Gamora (good job Marvel, because you need her), we’ve got the news of another cast member being added to the movie. And… possibly her spoilery role.

Well, not really, but it’s perhaps more spoilery than Marvel wants to reveal at the moment. I’ll explain.

Ophelia Lovibond‘s career includes Mr. Popper’s Penguins and No Strings Attached, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, she’ll be playing an aide to the Collector. At least, that’s according to what /Film says about The Hollywood Reporter‘s article. But THR actually says something else:

Details of Lovibond’s role are being kept in the farther reaches of deep space, home of Marvel’s security bunker.

Now, if you’ll indulge me in a little very insidery blogger talk, /Film isn’t the sort of place you’d find completely fabricated information in this context, and that sentence is a bit floury to be found in the latter part of a Hollywood Reporter article. Now come with me down this dark secluded alley way. Yes, a little further. You never know who might be watching. No, I’m not going to take your wallet!

I just think it’s likely that THR did say that she’s playing an aide to the Collector, and then Marvel asked them to edit that detail out of their post, that’s all.

So, just in case, who’s the Collector, anyway? He’s a powerful space-being in the Marvel universe, who, if you’re a DC fan, bears a lot of superficial resemblance to the Preserver. And if you don’t read superhero comics at all, you’ve still got no idea what I’m talking about. The Collector is an immortal, powerful being from the dawn of time whose hobby, in order to keep himself from going mad with the passage of galactic time, is collecting rare things. And people. This lead to numerous clashes with the Avengers and other Marvel characters as he attempted, a number of times, to add them to his collection. If the Collector is indeed in Guardians of the Galaxy, Lovibond could be playing his aide, or perhaps even his daughter Carina.

Only time, and perhaps an official announcement from Marvel, will tell!

(The Hollywood Reporter via /Film.)

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  • Anonymous

    That’s very interesting hear she’s playing an aide to the collector. So far the Marvel movies found a good balance of staying true to the spirit of the comics while jettisoning the bits that would be too silly or bizarre to be taken seriously by a mass audience, so the inclusion of the Elders of the Universe surprises me. Between Rocket Raccoon and giant space gods this sounds like it’s very “comic booky”, so I’m curious to see how it turns out.

  • Anonymous

    I hope that means that early rumors that the Controller was going to be the villain were wrong because he’s a terrible Iron Man villain. If any Iron Man foe should fight the GotG, it should be Fin Fang Foom (or maybe Dreadknight, he could use a sci-fi upgrade).
    Setting this movie in the future & using Carina could mean a variation on the Korvac Saga.