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Once Upon a Time… The Cast of Once Upon At Time Had a Photoshoot

The second season of Once Upon a Time is in full swing, but it’ll be taking a break this weekend for the Oscar broadcast, and won’t be back until March 3rd. In the meantime, make up for your loss by enjoying this sampling from a cast photoshoot, and then check out even more pictures over at io9.

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  • Aeryl

    Gawd I want Regina’s wardrobe SO BAD!!! And my daughter’s Halloween costume looked just like Ruby’s in that shot, which is good, because that’s who she was.

  • Anonymous

    Second wanting Regina’s wardrobe. I also LOVE the way her office looks. Can’t wait to see what happens next :)

  • Aeryl

    I know, lovin that pose of Henry with the bow and arrow, and Charming on the horse. Foreshadowing? It seems like going back to Fairytale land is imperative.

  • Brittin Hollar

    I just watched this Once Upon a Time Episode 15 Promo

  • Megano!


  • Megan Gotch

    WOW love these photos! Don’t watch the show anymore, but can always appreciate awesome photography! So fun and colorful.

  • Anonymous

    Indeed!! I do hope they end up back home, but would Emma follow her family? Tough choices! I think my fav picture though has to be Emma dressed as a knight, surrounded by all those Princess dresses.

  • Aeryl

    Well, if there’s a beanstalk, I’m hoping it means travel back and forth would be possible, because it would be sad to lose the Real World stuff, but I just want to get back to Mulan and Aurora and hope Disney has the nerve to make all that ridiculous subtext, text.