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What It Says On the Tin

ABC’s Once Upon a Time Casts Ariel For Season 3

We heard our Little Mermaid would be turning up in the next season of ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Now it’s official – actress JoAnna Garcia will play Ariel! 

Garcia has appeared on Reba, Gossip Girl, and Royal Pains among other series. TV Guide broke the news:

Producers promise a compelling back-story and twist for their Little Mermaid, while retaining the beloved character’s “wide-eyed” charm and ambitions we came to know in Disney’s 1989 animated classic. And as is the norm with Once characters, she’ll most likely have ties to a character we know.

Could Ariel’s witchy octopus nemesis Ursula the sea witch be far behind? “Ursula could appear this season, absolutely,” teases executive producer Eddy Kitsis. “But on our show you never know what that might mean.”

The Hollywood Reporter says Garcia is expected to appear in two episodes but there’s no word yet on whether or not Ariel’s mermaid tail will make it to Storybrooke.

Once Upon a Time has also recently cast Rose McIver as Tinker Bell and they’re currently searching for a Rufio.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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  • Anonymous

    I got ten bucks riding if they put her in hipster glasses.

  • MrHS

    If they’re faithful to the fairy tale, she’ll be forced to kill her prince or turn into sea foam.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry we never got a proper send-off for Dr Whale or Ruby. Introducing new characters is kinda bittersweet, ’cause I wasn’t done with the regular ones. (Season 2 was so messy, y’all.)

  • Nicoclaws

    Ursula will probably be Evilqueena (can’t remember her real name… oh yes, Regina) with a plan.

  • Anonymous

    Since apparently they seem to be basing all the characters off the Disney versions (I guess the world has forgotten any others exist), I doubt it.

  • Amanda Cox

    I know he’s older now, and probably couldn’t be made to look convincingly boyish again, but I wish they would just hire Dante Basco to be Rufio again. It would make my life so much better.

  • Ruby Dynamite

    Let’s just hope she’s not as annoying as Aurora.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    I don’t think they forget, I think they just know they’re owned by Disney. :)

  • MrHS

    That’s a shame. I could never enjoy the Disney version as I saw (was traumatized) by the animated movie that was actually faithful to the story 15+ years before Disney came out with their version.
    I think The Little Mermaid is Disney’s most ingenious film, not that Ariel isn’t cute.

  • Edwin Perello


    They should have gotten Traci Hines to play her.

  • Anonymous

    “Season 2 was so messy, y’all”

    Sadly the understatement of the year :[

  • Caitlin

    I hope they make her character be a kleptomaniac, and we get to see her collection of whosits and whatsits galore.

  • ImpureTale

    We already know Ursula’s popped up at least once in the show history. Where ELSE do you think Rumpelstiltskin got that ink?

  • ImpureTale

    We already know Ursula’s popped up at least once in the show history. Where ELSE do you think Rumpelstiltskin got that ink?