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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

The Idiot's Lantern

Once Upon a Time‘s Wonderland Spinoff Gets a Red Queen, a White Rabbit, and a (Hopefully Temporary) Title

First things first: We can now start referring to Once Upon a Time‘s Alice in Wonderland-themed spinoff as Once Upon A Time In Wonderland. ABC… no. I know you want to make the connection between Once and the spinoff abundantly clear, but that title’s just bad. Please tell me you’ll change it if the show gets picked up.

Moving on to better matters, Paul Reubens, best known as Pee-Wee Herman, will be providing the voice of the White Rabbit. That’s some wonderful casting right there. Also joining the cast alongside the previously announced Sophie Lowe (Alice), Michael Socha (Knave of Hearts), and Peter Gadiot (Cyrus) will be British actress Emma Rigby (Hollyoaks) as the Red Queen.

I’m ashamed to admit that my Alice knowledge is sub-par, because when I first saw that I thought “Waaaait… isn’t that who Once‘s Cora is in Wonderland?” But no. Cora is the Queen of Hearts, the baddie in Alice in Wonderland; the Red Queen is the baddie in Through the Looking-Glass. They’re completely different characters. And we’ll probably be seeing both of them: Once co-creator Adam Horowitz told TV Line “We can’t imagine visiting that time in Wonderland and not seeing Cora as the Queen of Hearts.”

Well, good. You may carry on, then.

(via: Deadline, Huffington Post)

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  • Anonymous

    Now the question is, “Who’s going to be the White Queen?”

  • Viktor Devonne

    Rose McGowan, sign on.

  • Aeryl

    That was an INCREDIBLE performance. Once has missed a few times(Henry I’m looking at you), but the actors they’ve gotten to play the younger versions, Bailey Madison and Rose McGowan, have been astounding.

    Unfortunately though, we all saw that Cora was older when Regina threw her through the mirror.

  • Erin Carr

    I thought they were the same character too, don’t feel bad. I’m not thrilled about any of this anyway.

  • Eregyrn

    *clutches head* The Red Queen IS NOT THE BADDIE in Through the Looking Glass. Good god, have people forgotten how to go back and read the actual source? I promise you, it’s not long! There really isn’t a particular baddie in the book, unless you count the Red Knight who tries to capture Alice (who is a White Pawn).

    The Red Queen is a helpful mentor to Alice, although she’s somewhat brusque in manner. The White Queen is also not an antagonist, but she’s really too flighty to be very helpful; the Red Queen is the one who gets things done.

    That said — how they plan to do it in this latest adaptation is anybody’s guess. They’ve screwed up Alice before, in the name of adding extraneous drama. I don’t understand why they keep screwing up the chess queens, though, since Wonderland furnishes you with all of the antagonists you could possibly need, if you’re intent on remixing the whole thing.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    I haven’t read it since I was a child. It’s an honest mistake; there’s no need to be rude.

  • Queen Of Hearts

    I’d rather have Barbara Hershey.

  • Eregyrn

    I know you admit your Alice knowledge is sub-par, and really, my histrionics were more generally directed, than personally directed at you as the writer — this is a mistake I see people make a LOT, is what I mean, and it boggles me. Go ahead, tell me you’ve never had an exasperated reaction to people getting simple things wrong about a work that you love. (Especially when the work is hardly obscure.)

    That said — the Wikipedia entry on the plot of the two volumes of Alice is pretty short. There’s an easy way to verify information before you assert it. I don’t think it’s too much to ask of a writer reporting on an adaptation, especially if she already says she knows she is weak in knowledge about the source material.

  • Joe

    Seems perfect to have Hershey take over a permanent role in this new series, since she’s done on OUAT, and was the Queen in the Wonderland ep.

  • lindsey tam

    I agree, the title for this show is really bad. I am looking forward to seeing how the show itself turns out, though, especially since I’m not really familiar with any of the actors they’ve cast. Unfortunately I probably won’t be able to see the show when it first comes out because I work at DISH when most primetime shows air, but I’ll see it on my DVR. My DISH Hopper records all the primetime shows on ABC, so it should be easy for me to check out Once Upon A Time In Wonderland even if I work when it airs and forget to set a timer for it.