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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Today in Awesome

All Of The Other Amazing Cosplay We Saw At New York Comic Con 2013

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We’ve got kids (Look at those kids! LOOK AT THEM! I will never be that awesome.)! We’ve got animals! We’ve got 90s nostalgia and animated characters! What more could you ask for from our final cosplay gallery of New York Comic Con 2013?

Previously in NYCC

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  • Ividia Kt

    I think Black Widow is my favorite.

  • Nicole Elizabeth Currie

    Damn, that little Black Canary is about to take names and kick some ass.

  • Anonymous

    1) We no longer have to induct people into geekdom, we’re raising a new generation.
    2) Where can I find more riveter cosplays? I love 40′s inspired fashion.
    3) Where did that mini-Poison Ivy get that Master Sword? That looks super awesomated.
    4) The dog Black Widow is great!

  • Mr The Batman

    My favourite is the Log Lady! Most obscure costume in that bunch! Love it.

  • Anonymous

    Best Black Widow cosplay ever! Oh, and that Rogue is more Rockabilly than Mod, I’d say.

  • Natalie Willoughby


  • Anonymous

    I would agree that Rogue is more Rockabilly, definitely. But I love her!! She’s the cutest thing. I’m not usually mad on crossovery cosplay but I love that… Maybe it’s the polka dots (I’m a sucker for polka dots).

  • Anonymous

    Are Cabin in the Woods girl and Codex the same person? Or am I being horrendously ginger-ist in a “they all look the same” kinda way?! They look the same to me but for some reason I’m questioning this!

  • DarthRachel

    whaaat! Freys Represent! I just emailed the rest of the band. We are stoked! Thanks TMS!

  • KA

    Picture 1: Tiny lady heroes. New to my list of things to love!

  • Cubs Magic Number

    That’s me and my kaiju! Otachi was supposed to be part of a Newt Geiszler cosplay – the plushie got finished but the costume didn’t. That’s okay, she was very popular anyway!

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Ah! Amazing. We were in love with your kaiju.

  • Jill Pantozzi
  • Cubs Magic Number

    Everyone seemed to. I was honestly overwhelmed by the response to her. Now if I could only find the other dozen pictures taken of us over the weekend…

  • DarthRachel

    i’ve def seen a few on tumblr! and i was sitting behind you at women in Marvel basically just staring at the kaiju!

  • KA


  • Anonymous

    The was an absolutely adorable little Hawkgirl who was getting her picture taken with a spectacular Hawkman and Hawkwoman, and I will go to my grave asking myself why I didn’t stop and get a photo.

  • Cubs Magic Number

    Aw, you should have said something! I would have let you hold her for a better look.

  • Cy

    I fear tiny Supergirl the most.

  • John W

    My vote goes to the Kid Cosplayers. Kids rule.

  • Ali Miller

    Mini-Elektra is FIERCE. Love her!

  • Robert

    There were a few service dogs in cosplay. They were almost all superheros. They drew bigger crowds than most of the other cosplayers and people were respectful enough not to stop and pet them while they were working.

  • Robert

    No, you’re right. Same cosplayer. I remember bumping into her in two different costumes over the weekend.

  • KA

    I think tiny Elektra is about the business. :-)

  • Anonymous

    Kids cosplaying are the cutest thing ever!

    But I also love the steampunk Death and Wednesday Addams. Great job on both!

  • Anonymous

    Excellent, thank you for clarifying!

  • Anonymous

    you typed the thing i was going to type before i typed it now i dont have to type it and this may sound like a criticism but i a really appreciate it so thanks.

  • Cy

    But the tiny Doctor has her covered. Tiny Supergirl has that expression that says her opponent is way below her on the power charts.

  • Anonymous

    I might be out of the loop, but I haven’t seen Jerk Batman before, that’s hilarious.

  • Roberta

    For the cosplayers in the room, how do you actually get your ideas? These costumes are all over the map (and are very awesome). Do you just wake up at 3am with an idea? Or is there like a secret drawer filled with geekdom characters in your basement?

  • Anonymous

    No! Not the Younglings, too! ;-)

  • Amy Overman Plowman

    If we’d known we would have jumped all over Jill!

  • Anonymous

    Ahh! Freakazoid. I forgot how wonderful that show was :)

  • Anonymous

    …Chimera is what come to mind with that black widow dog.

  • Lilac Parr

    Steampunk Death looks awesome!!!! :)
    British solar