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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Take A Look At Some Of The Many Geek Girl Sentiments Inspired By The Doubleclicks’ “Nothing To Prove”

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The Doubleclicks’ music video celebrating all geek girls brought together members of the geek community to celebrate the many geek girls out there and assert once again that fake geeks, male or female, do not exist. The enthusiasm for that “Nothing to Prove” concept continues on The Doubleclicks’ and Geek Girls Have #NothingtoProve‘s respective Tumblrs, the latter of which is still collecting story submissions. We’ve compiled enough of our favorite photos of ladies proving they have nothing to prove to cover a whole spectrum of geeky interests and experiences.

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  • Samuel

    I don’t know why but I think that it’s awesome the little girl in the Vader helmet has the katana sheathed correctly (edge up).

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Once I was told I was a pretty good engineer “for a girl” *roll eyes*

  • The Doubleclicks

    We are still collecting signs to share at:! If you go there, you can also see the credits for all of the pictures that were re-posted above! it would be awesome if you could note that in this article.

  • Marya

    I saw the clip, and it’s awesome, thak you everybody. The one statement that sums it all is the one “There are not fake geek girls, only real jerks”. Nailed it.

    While being a geek and a girl in my environment seems to be doing fine (at least until now), I can really relate to this “fake geek girl” problem because I really like sports, specially soccer, and –as a girl– I’ve always been confronted the “you only watch it because you think that or that player is hot”, and I have had to prove I really know how it works multiple times to prove that I am not a “fake soccer fan girl”. So yes, I kind of know what all of this is about.

    Keep doing this amazing work, guys!

  • Steven Chapman

    My kind of people!!

    Grrr arrg, to the sexist idiots. You do realise you probably get your arse kicked on a daily people by some of the amazing people above?

    Geek power!

    *attempts high five but it all goes horribly wrong*

  • Steven Chapman

    I’ve never been told I’m a good engineer and I’m the “proper” gender :D *panics about lack of sarcasm tags*

  • Calum Syers

    I believe “There are not fake geek girls, only real jerks” is now a t-shirt, available through The Doubleclicks site. I know what I’m getting when I get paid.

  • Calum Syers

    That last pic has reduced me to a whimpering lump of jelly. The next generation of little geeks are going to grow into big geeks; it’s up to us to set the examples and teach them respect.

  • Anonymous

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    That last pic has reduced me to a
    whimpering lump of jelly. The next generation of little geeks are going
    to grow into big geeks; it’s up to us to set the examples and teach
    them respect.

  • Ashe

    You high-five with your hand up YOUR HAND UP

  • Important Film Maker

    You… YOU MISOGYNIST! Don’t think I won’t be tumbling your comment, sir!


  • Important Film Maker

    A few pics in Toronto’s own Silver Snail, I believe! Woo!

  • Vian Lawson

    Only one of the many awesome things in that photo.

  • Miss Cephalopod

    And this is why my friends and I have named the Awkward Five, which is a very freestyle and entertaining way to congratulate each other <3

  • Charlie

    The thing that annoys me the most is that most of male male friends are massively clueless about videogames and other nerd culture compared to me and yet if we meet someone new I’m the one who gets cred checked. They aren’t even bothered about the guys. Also I see this happening in comments on websites (like facebook) too guys are all like ‘Who are the guardian’s of the galaxy LOL’ if a girl said that god fucking help her.

  • Charlie

    To give you an example. ‘I might get an Ouya’ my friends, all male, ‘What’s an Ouya?’ :| IM THE ONE WHO GETS CRED CHECKED GOD HELP ME.

  • jdhovland

    I’m not sure if it’s discus or chrome, but your URL doesn’t resolve because it’s adding the terminating “!” to the URL, I believe if you edit to remove the trailing “/” or have a space between “/” and “!” it should work/resolve fine. Awesome song/video/statement btw.

  • beth

    I had a friend try to set me up with a guy. we never made it past texting. he said I was too smart. I told him it was ok bc I never would have let it go any farther anyways since he had told me not long before that that he doesn’t read books ever. not even magazines he just looks at the pictures. I was glad when he told me it wasn’t going to work out. haha it still bothered me that he said I was too smart as though being smart is a bad thing. being smart is a good thing he just temporarily made me feel as though it wasn’t :) im glad he wasn’t smart enough for me. haha

  • Steven

    I totally want an ouya now! Thanks for letting me know about that.

  • Charlie

    Awesome for anyone who loves Indie games :)

  • Christopher LaHaise

    This is an awesome collection if pictures – at once making me feel good to see these geek girls stand up, and at the same time making me upset that it is even necessary to have to tell guys that there are geek girls, and it is not our job to ‘validate’ them. I’ve been running roleplaying games since I was 12, and it seems natural to have a girl / woman in the group. In fact, it feels better when there is one, because a woman brings something to the table that no guy ever can – a fresh perspective, and a certain personality that guys lack. It makes the game *better*. It *gives* to the game, it doesn’t lessen it. I am so, so glad my wife got into gaming because of me.

  • Amber Dawn

    best thing ever.