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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Good News Everyone!

The Next James Bond Flick Gets Rolling

One of the big impacts of the MGM bankruptcy and buy out, for nerds, that is, was the delay of two beloved film franchises. The first, The Hobbit, was resolved quickly (since preproduction was already in quite an advanced state) and we’re already seeing real returns on it. The other, the James Bond franchise, has been a bit slower on the uptake.

But worry not, with a little financial help from Sony, MGM is getting Mr. Bond (and Daniel Craig, who is contractually obliged to do at least one more movie) back on track.

According to the A.V. Club,

Sam Mendes is still attached to direct Craig, and the studio has set a premiere date of Nov. 9, 2012. So confident are they about this new arrangement, in fact, that they’ve already announced tentative plans to get together on Bond 24, which should be reassuring to fans.

The film does not, as yet, have a suitably word-salad-y title other than Bond 23. Ah, 23. Once you hit 21 and can drink, the rest of the birthdays are really more deadlines than milestones…


  • Anonymous

    That’s good… Unfortunately that meant the demise of Stargate Universe…

  • Lionmml

    Good! I like Daniel Craig as Bond and if Dame Judi Dench is M, then life is GOOD!!!!

  • Ryd66

    I would prefer to see another Bond movie over Stargate Universe any day of the week. After Stargate SG-1, they should have stopped 

  • Anonymous

     What was the matter with Stargate Atlantis?  There were some good episodes, although they don’t come to mind right now… 

  • SorryGuys

    Loved Atlantis! They never should have cancelled it!