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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


OMG It’s a Newsies Medley, Everyone Stop Everything [Video]

Stop the pressesNick Pitera, famous for his one-man medleys on YouTube, has done a Newsies video which includes songs from the Broadway show. You might not be familiar with Newsies, the live-action Disney musical flop from 1992 that was recently brought to the stage by smart people who knew that needed to happen. But for the uninitiated, Christian Bale was in it. Yes — Batman. He sang songs and danced in the glorious early-1990s style of Kenny Ortega with Ann-Margaret and all those guys from Roundhouse. (In fact, one of his solos is the song that comes at about 5:10 in the video.)

Well, I don’t know how you can have a bad day after this.

(via Jezebel)

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  • Amanda Allen

    Newsies was a flop?!? I never knew that when I was little watching it over and over.

  • Stevi Ferguson

    I know! My local kids radio station played “Seize the Day” as their morning show intro at exactly the time I woke up each day. It’s now my phone’s alarm song.

  • Dana Kay Bach

    Santa Fe, are you there?
    I love love love Newsies.  I now am going to find it on DVD and sing the songs repetitively until my husband rips his ears off.

  • Alex T

    I had no idea Newsies was a flop. Ever since I first saw it I thought it was amazing. On a different note, I have to say I like the movie’s version of the lyrics better in general. Some of the lyrics in the musical’s versions are a bit awkward and don’t seem too necessary. 

    (That or I’m just being bitter because Santa Fe is one of my favorite songs) 

  • Jill Pantozzi

    I’ve yet to see the musical but I’ve seen a few of the numbers performed elsewhere and the changed lyrics really bother me too! Especially when I’m in the zone, singing along and they take a quick detour.

  • Willow

    They changed the plot *a lot* — the whole second act is very different, as are a lot of Jack’s motivations and even some key characters.

    Most of it works in a Disney way, but there’s some twists that really took me beyond suspension of disbelief for what is supposed to be “based on history”. My parents think I was being too harsh, but if you are a big fan of the movie/historical fiction it’s kind of jarring.

    That said, it is really worth seeing. the sets/staging are great. the dancing is INSANE. 

  • allreb

    The Disney version took a heck of a lot of liberties with history, too, but I pretty much agree. I understand the reasoning behind the changes(and I am always in favor of adding plucky girl characters) but I was sad that David’s role got condensed, and I think Jack’s emotional arch was kind of all over the place.

    Also, I’m pretty sure they took out the line “for a dreamer, night’s the only time of day,” which is the #1 best known line from the show. The lyric switches in general threw me off but I didn’t mind, but that just makes one just made no sense to me.