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The First Full Trailer for Man of Steel

If there was one phrase that encapsulated the first teaser for The Man of Steel, it was “Deadliest Catch Superman.” There was something about the prominence of Clark Kent hitch hiking and apparently working on a large fishing boat that didn’t seem… well. Supermanly. I think it’s safe to say that this trailer takes a thoroughly different tack, and I love that the first lines of it go to his mom. If Man of Steel manages to live up to this trailer, it’ll be quite the experience indeed.

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Previously in Man of Steel

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  • Anonymous

    While this should refute any accusation that Nolan’s Batman “wouldn’t fit” with a planned JLA movie, I’m still having a hard time figuring out why the idea of Clark Kent having a pleasant childhood is so abhorrent to WB’s creative teams.

  • Anonymous

    How grimdark and edgy.
    I’m looking forward to this now.

  • Captain ZADL

    Well, that was a bit more interesting than I’d been expecting. Looks like he might actually get to punch something.

  • Lady Viridis

    This looks *considerably* more interesting than I was hoping for. I’m not a huge fan of Superman most of the time, but I’ll definitely check this out.

  • Calum Syers

    I like how “lived in” the setting is. Even as things become a CGI-fest, the town in which Superman/Clark lives (presumably Smallville) looks like a real small fishing/farming town. Plus, it’s wise to scale down Supes antics when young. IE: Bus crash>Plane crash. It looks like real people populate Smallville/Metropolis, rather than the gloss/sheen of Brian Singer.

  • strife

    Heroes are shaped by hardship not by easy pampered lives. Clark was raised on a farm. He probably had a ton of chores and responsibilities. He rarely got things like ipads or other expensive gadgets. Clark had to learn to hold himself back early at an early age. Imagine not being able to play freely like other kids. He always had a difficult childhood. That’s part of his story.

  • Hannele Kormano

    Does anyone else think his new costume looks like those little plastic beads that you iron together?

  • Kate Jones

    1:53, Supes coughing up blood! I hope that’s Faora kicking his ass!

  • Brian Adkins

    Agreed! Or a character who knows who he is and does what he knows to be right. Confident and inspirational. You know;an adult. Only super.
    Anyway,hoping for the best! :-)

  • Life Lessons

    Can it be summer now!!!

  • Anonymous

    First off, the idea that chores are inherently contrary to a pleasant childhood has been proven time and again as being ridiculous in many past iterations of the character. To say nothing of your “ipads or other expensive gadgets.” I’m not suggesting that the Kents are People of Walmart.

    But thanks to your comment, a small, evil part of me is suddenly intrigued by the prospect of a Superman: First World Problems TPB.

  • strife

    “the idea that chores are inherently contrary to a pleasant childhood has been proven time and again as being ridiculous in many past iterations of the character.”

    Prove that statement as fact. I have read a lot of Superman, and he has always had struggles during his childhood which include helping out in the farm. It has never been idyllic.

    At this point, you’re making things up only to complain, so I’ll just quote Damon Lindelof whose humourous words are worth more consideration.

    “Batman can be miserable but Superman can’t? HE WAS CREATED BY JEWS, PEOPLE!!! Affectionately, A Miserable Jew”

  • Anonymous

    So having chores is a struggle? BAHAHAHAHA, take it back to Kotaku, friend.

  • strife

    There’s a difference between typical childhood chores and living on a family-run farm as an only child. Methinks you’re going full retard.

  • Anna Sophia May

    That music :)

  • Skullcrusher Maggie

    No. Just no. Jonathan Kent would never say maybe Clark should have let someone die. Also, Costner sounds like he’s doing a Beau Bridges impression.