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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


New Pictures From The Avengers Show Us the Little Moments

Colonel Fury asks Steve to double check his taxes for him.

Dr. Banner and Mr. Stark are two of the worlds foremost geniuses, and they still can’t make heads or tails of Tree of Life.

Natasha gives her best go at convincing Clint that the whole “bow and arrow” thing is totally not gimmicky when he does it.

After two weeks of apparent secrecy and intense study, Nick can’t believe he’s watching his two top scientists present a forty-five-minute report on the end of Inception. That movie came out two summers ago.

And on top of it all, Thor doesn’t understand why no one was able to handle the Asgardian grade mead he brought to the office get-together.

A S.H.I.E.L.D director’s work is never done.

(via Comics at the Movies.)


  • SuperZADL

    Love the first comment. Brilliant!

  • Frodo Baggins

    That first pic looks like it’s from a Wes Anderson film.

    I like that Bruce wears purple casually.

    There’s no getting around it: Jeremy Renner is one weird lookin’ dude.

  • Anonymous

    No Coulson?

  • Anonymous

    Was the area around Fury’s eye always that messed up?

  • John Wao

    NF – Would you like to join the Avengers?
    CA – I’ll have to read the script first.
    NF – Here you go.

    BB – Wassup?
    TS – Dude don’t you own anything that’s not the color purple? What are you Prince?

    HWK – So are you and Tony a thing?
    BW – How’d you like to pull one of your own arrows from your butt?

  • Carmen Sandiego


  • Anonymous

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  • JaneR

    Look at Clint! He so obviously needs a hug! I bet Stark was mean to him.