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Allow us to explain.


In America, Netflix Now Has More Subscribers Than HBO

Cheeky, cheeky, Netflix, putting one of your own original series here. The day may come when we see HBO shows available to stream on Netflix. A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends, and break all bonds of fellowship. But it is not this day.

Not now that more Americans can watch Netflix than HBO.

Netflix has just reported a gain of more than two million American subscribers since the beginning of January, putting it at a respectable 29 million accounts, which is a couple million ahead of HBO’s most recently announced numbers: 28 million.

On the face of it, this isn’t particularly surprising: HBO is a premium cable service, so the buy in to get it in the first place is considerable compared to the average dozen you’ll be paying monthly for Netflix (depending on whether you opt for both streaming and DVD rental). On the other hand, you HBO might just get handed to you depending on how your cable package is set up. On the other other hand, if you can shell out for HBO then getting Netflix in addition will probably not represent a huge investment. It be interesting to see where the overlap in those markets lies.

The reason why this is a salient number at all isn’t simply because Netflix and HBO have been at loggerheads for some time now, but also because there have been a lot of calls lately for HBO to adopt a subscriber system that exists independently of cable packages, allowing its users to stream their shows directly without having to buy into a TV cable hookup. And while I’m not entirely certain that this is an actual big deal, or just a rising trend in the nerd community (things certainly only seem to have really come to the fore since the popularity of Game of Thrones, which could easily be correlation or causation), I’ll state unambiguously that I believe it to be the future of television delivery whether television production studios like HBO want it to be or not.

It’s important to note, as well, that Netflix still falls behind HBO internationally, 114 million to 36 million. But when Netflix is very closely edging you in your home market, and is taking baby steps into the world of original content, you might want to start to think about what exactly it means.

(via Variety.)

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  • Anonymous

    I couldnt imagine why, Netflix is packed full of shlock thats not worth watching

  • Janelle Stevenson

    GoT is the only thing HBO has going for it, whereas Netflix has Korean dramas and (will soon have) new Arrested Development on tap. When my husband wanted to cut the cable, it didn’t give me pause, but when he started making noises about cutting Netflix, we had a lengthy debate.

  • Kaela PerLee

    That Aragorn reference just made my day!!!

  • Erin Treat

    HBO has two shows I want to watch, Game Of Thrones and Treme, so why the heck should I pay for all their other shows some of which I actively dislike and do not want to support such as Girls?

    So I just have to find other ways to watch the shows I want. If they’d just let me get the ones I care about by themselves, then they’d make more money. It’s pretty stupid on their part.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s open the champagne, fellow human being! To a future with reasonable ways to watch TV shows and movies!

  • Savannah Nicole Logsdon-Breaks

    HBO needs to get their shit together. :-/

  • Anonymous

    Since HBO is draggin it’s freaking feet to join us all here in 2013, and offer paid streaming of certain shows…here’s what Netflix, (who knows how to get buisness done) should do. Since HBO cannot conceive of a world where streaming without subscriptions happens, let Netflix handle that. Have Netflix stream HBO show’s. Netflix will earn more money because pretty much everyone and their grandma will get Netflix, and HBO can cut million dollar deals to sell shows like Game of Thrones and True Blood to Netflix. win. win. win :)

    Also, that LOTR reference. golden. and yes everyone read it with the dramatic air that Aragorn delivered it.