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Neil Gaiman Will Take on the Cybermen in His Next Doctor Who Episode

A few days after Matt Smith‘s honorable attempt to say something, anything, about the upcoming Neil Gaiman-penned episode of Doctor Who without revealing any specific details (spoiler: he failed), Steven Moffat has stepped up and told us a few things we can expect from the episode. Number one on the list: The Cybermen will be back.

The episode will air next spring as part of the show’s eight episode post-Christmas special run. In addition to Smith and new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman, the Gaiman ep will star Warwick Davis (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Willow… why am I even noting his credits? You all know who Warwick Davis is), EastEndersTamzin Outhwaite, and Jason Watkins, who played the creepy-jolly vampire leader Herrick in Being Human (the UK version, naturally).

What do you think of the news? I wasn’t too impressed by the last appearance of the Cybermen in last season’s Closing Time (when they were defeated by the power of love, remember?), and I love Gaiman’s previous episode, The Doctor’s Wife, so I’m excited to see what his approach to the classic Who villain will be. And if I’d secretly hoped that he’d pen the return of the Master, oh well. I can still hope for that glorious comeback at some point down the line.

(via: Deadline)

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  • Anonymous

    Jason Watkins on a Gaiman script could be some epic fun, especially if he gets to villain it up against Smith.

  • Ken.C

    I enjoyed Closing Time from the perspective of a parent, (and the fact the stand-in companions are HILARIOUS) but you’re right, the defeat of the Cybermen was stoopid. Sort of like the modern Doctor Who defeat of a lot of villians. I love the episodes, the arcs, the humour, but the way they’re ending them smacks of some of the more egregious TNG episodes. Really looking forward to Gaiman, though. Hope he keeps doing them.

  • Anonymous

    Um, they weren’t defeated by the power of love. The Doctor tried in vain to explain it was neural feedback caused by stress that…sigh, all right, it was the power of love.

    I’m expecting Neil’s episode to be VERY introspective about the Cybermen. How much we’ll learn about them, their origins, we shall not know till next year.

    In honesty, my biggest worry is that like last time, people will be so chuffed to see his episode they’ll all but ignore the episodes that precede it, like the opening band is all but booed off the stage for the headliners.

  • Alexandra Moore

    I shouted “OH YAY!” so loud I scared my cat. Gaiman and who are like my fav combo.

  • you guys

    We already know their origins. At least those of us who are familiar with the classic Doctor Who.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    Closing Time was a tough sell but I loved the damaged Cyberman attacking Amy Pond in the Pandorica crypt during the season 5 finale two-parter…it gave me the creeps.

  • Anonymous

    You did NOT just suggest I’m unacquainted with old school Who, did you?
    (cracks knuckles)
    While the general origins of the Cybermen are known (Mondas leaving the solar system, the slow replacement of organs, etc) there’ve been no on-screen depictions of those days. How much resistance were the upgrades met with? Were there traditionalists who protested, only to lose the argument by simply dying out?
    Nor do we know too much about the migration from Mondas to Telos. We’ve seen no details of the great cyber-war, and the invention of the Glitter Gun. PLENTY of space in there to tell a story.
    This all may be a moot point, as the title of the episode has leaked, suggesting it may be much more about the end of their history than to start.