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Bloody Good Fun

Merlin and Game of Thrones Actors Join Arrow‘s Huntress on NBC’s Dracula

We previously learned that Jessica De Gouw, aka Arrow‘s Huntress, would be playing Mina Murray to Jonathan Rhys Meyers‘ Drac (or Alan Grayson in the show, because Dracula is an awfully conspicuous name) in NBC’s Victorian era-set Dracula. And now comes the news that the show’s gotten even more genre-tastic with the addition of two new cast members: Katie McGrath and Nonso Anozie.

Or Morgana from Merlin and Xaro Xhoan Daxos from Game of Thrones. This pleases me.

I can think of few characters more screwed over by their writers than Morgana was in Merlin, but even though McGrath didn’t have much more to work with in later seasons than “Act evil and occasionally crazy and be sure to smirk a lot,” she tended to rise above the material. So I’m confident that she’ll bring something interesting to the role of Lucy Westerna, described by Deadine as “Aristocratic London’s sexy, social butterfly and Mina’s best friend who has a penchant for gossip, flirting and all things glamorous.”

Given what happens to Lucy in Bram Stoker‘s original novel, I’m guessing the NBC character will take a somewhat… darker turn than this initial character description would indicate. So I’m really excited they’ve chosen to go with McGrath, who’s proven that she can do dark and do it well.

Nonso Anozie, meanwhile, will play R.M. Renfield, “Alan Grayson’s fiercely loyal confidante.” I wonder if he’ll eat bugs like he did in Dracula: Dead and Loving It (and the original book, for that matter.) Anyway. Anozie’s Xaro Xhoan Daxos didn’t really stand out for me as part of Game of Thrones, but he was one of approximately 34327898 cast members, after all, and if memory serves he was appropriately sleazy.

I’m not a huge fan of Jonathan Rhys Meyers—nothing against him, I just haven’t seen him in a lot, and I wasn’t super-impressed by what I have seen—so I was on the fence about this show before. But with this casting news I am firmly to the “intrigued” side of the fence. Not off frolicking in the Fields of Anticipation yet, but a good trailer might get me there.

How about you?

(via: Deadline)

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  • Craig Oxbrow

    Well, Ms McGrath certainly ticks the “pale” requirement for the role.

  • Erin Carr

    I’m curious about what you’ve seen Jonathan Rhys Meyers in. If it was The Tudors, keep in mind that he was probably drunk the whole time, since they had to pause production of one of the seasons for him to go to rehab ;)

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Only Bend it Like Beckham and Titus (both of which I liked, but his performances didn’t grab me), Gormenghast, and A Film With Me In It, which he was barely in. I was going to watch The Tudors, but then I kept hearing bad things, so *shrug*.

  • John Wao

    A show about Dracula on NBC?! If it lasts an entire season I’ll be surprised.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Well, it’s only supposed to be 10 episodes, so that increases its chances of making it through somewhat. :)

  • John Wao

    5 eps, tops.

  • Travis Fischer

    I’m not terribly optimistic about this project, especially considering my bias towards the source material, but having more Katie McGrath is never a bad thing.

  • Emerald White

    August Rush. It’s beautiful. Makes me cry everytime.

  • Answerer99

    Hmmmm. You don’t like Jonathon Rhys Meyers but you do like Katie McGrath. Well, she’s not much of an actress. She was definitely the weakest in Merlin even if her character didn’t receive the best writing. He’s a decent actor – a little on the angry young man side for me (watch The Tudors sometime) but better than Katie.