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NASA: Apollo 18 Is Not Real

In an official statement that will surely sadden the days of the be-tinfoil-hatted masses, NASA has clarified that the Dimension Films movie Apollo 18, which opened today, is not, in fact, a documentary but a fictional movie made by movie people. While it had some involvement, as it oftentimes does when someone wants to make a movie about space, there was never an Apollo 18 mission and there is no secret footage pertaining to it. Remember that time Fargo said it was based on true events? And then it wasn’t? It’s like that, guys. NASA promises you.

Indeed, the marketing strategy for Apollo 18 has been focused on a documentary-style “discovery of lost footage” about the NASA mission “they didn’t want exposed to the public.” It’s something that turned a little $20,000-budget flick called The Blair Witch Project into one of the biggest box office successes of all time (in 1999). However, as intriguing as the “footage” is, NASA did not want anyone (read: anyone who is stupid) being misled by what was meant to look like authentic footage. So they released an official statement. They actually felt the need to do this.

Apollo 18 is not a documentary,” Bert Ulrich, NASA’s liaison for multimedia, film and television collaborations, told the Los Angeles Times. “The film is a work of fiction, and we always knew that. We were minimally involved with this picture. We never even saw a rough cut.”

Ulrich even went on to invoke the Blair Witch strategy to further drive the point home that Apollo 18 is not a real Apollo mission.

So, no: Despite the proclamation in the trailer that “[d]espite decades of denial by NASA and the Department of Defense, classified footage of the mission was leaked to the media,” no such footage is going to suddenly be revealed by the production company that brought you the Scream franchise. If Dimension Films cannot propel Jon Stewart into horror movie stardom with The Faculty, it cannot show you real footage of a lost NASA mission to the Moon. It’s just the way it is.

(LA Times via Hollywood Reporter)


  • Anonymous

    Is it sick to be hoping that NASA’s denial is also part of the movie marketing and later today the marketing will leak that the Weinsteins had a secret deal with NASA to make a fake movie to cover up that NASA has real footage of a horrific event (well, or even just an actual Apollo 18 they didn’t bother to tell anyone about)?

    I’m willing to convince myself of whatever will involve the maximum amount of scarification when I see the film.

  • Anonymous

    Oh come on, it’s not like people would be stupid enough to think there’s some sort of NASA conspirac-
    *remembers the whole moon-landing-hoax-thing*

    I take it back. Good work NASA.

  • Anonymous

  • Sarah Nicolas

    Haha! It’s sad that I really think this was completely necessary. I’ve seen some comments on facebook from my less … educated … acquaintances asking how much of it was true, was there an 18th mission, etc.

  • Anonymous

    If the events in this film aren’t real, and there isn’t really a horrible threat on the moon, then why did they never launch Apollo 19?  Huh?  Can’t answer that, can you?

  • Preston Carpenter


  • Anonymous 

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

  • Martin Pelletier

    If NASA does them free publicity, I hope it’s because they get part of the proceeds so they can do stuff like go in space again. Private funding through sci-fi FTW!

  • Anonymous

    your all retarted. apollo 18 is a fake. apollo 19 wasnt even in the process of being created. the next mission was to send men to mars. 1st by hitching a ride with a rocket to the iss. from there it was planned to go to the moon. then back to earth. from there it would take a 2 and a half year journey to mars and back. the crew would have to spend 500 days on the planet in order for the eliptical rotation of mars to come to its closest with earth for the safest most efficient trip home. thank you.

  • Anonymous


  • juan vargas

    money is not an issue. ITS F***IN PAPER!!!!!!!!!! if the goverment wanted to do something, it would. if they have recources then they wouldnt need freakin paper to confirm they have enough paper to go to the moon. money is an illusion that limits what you can and cant do. its what keeps our whole system together. but if the goverment needed something done, then paper (*money*) wouldnt be an issue. you guys need to think for yourselves and outside the box DUH!

  • Doug Shiels

    They can’t launch Apollo 19 because there NEVER WAS Apollo 18!

  • John Xie

    this is just fake. first, let’s assume it is real. apparently all the video footages were either left on moon or destroyed during the crash between the russian spaceship and freedom spaceship. therefore, no one can possibly find those video footages. then the movie is not real since there were no video footage. and we have a paradox. don’t say that the videos were transfered by signal, because you just don’t expect radio signal to transfer HD video, do you?

  • Anonymous

    I do think thatthe movie was a fake, of course it was, as said aboove, the whole series of footage would have been destroyed in the crash or left on the moon….To add to this do you realy believe that a semi destroyed Russian landing module could have been boarded bu American Astronauts, its guidence system interpreted and the module launched….come on.. it takes years of training for astonauts to learn how to piolet their own modules….You dont just get into a module and look for the “lets launch this baby” button…there is priming fuel pumps, navigation interpretation, controling fuel feed levels, not to mention the computor systems that manage the stablility of individual rocket motors…Yas the computer systems may bave beeen primative in the 1970 but still thre is a hell of a lot of management they would have needed to do to even get a module offthe ground, surely a 2 man job… ok and the docking manouver there is not a hope in hell that a russian space craft could dock with an orpiting US capsule, all specifications would be different. The ISS was a joint international effort even then offten there were major problems with connecting modules to put is simple the US and russians did not share technology ‘square peg round hole” scenario even the slightest mathmatical variation in size or conecting chambers would resault in disaster.Sorry just not possible. I am sure a lot of the movie was for theatrical excitement “the lone astronaut making an excape etc etc” but it places the whole of the credability of the apollo 18, 19, 20 into serious scrutiny and doubt…..If apollo 19 19 20 existed it would have been for military reasons only and i am sure Neil and the gangs proceeding him had that worked out form the onset with out us knowing…..The moons a barren wasteland, as interesting as it is though there is little chance ofany life up there. if life did evolve whi then in the movie did the spider thingys have this protective mechanismim of morphing into rocks coccons or what ever. clearly there is no real prditor that they need to hide from so why didnt they just roam freely on the surface as they appeard to have no natural preditors ? and if they do feed off flesh or off meat, blood etc etc then they would be waiting for a hell of a long time for their next meal !!!! i could go on for hours about this !!!! will say nice concept though might go watch blair whitch project now !!!!

  • Kevin

    forgive me but would no one have noticed a bloody big rocket take off ?

  • Joshua Jones

    You guys are a bunch of self-proclaimed intellectuals that talk to each other like the other one is stupid. apollo 18 did exist but the program was delayed and the shuttle was scrapped. it was supposed to go to the moon and land on the 800 mile wide crater but it never did.

  • Anonymous

    You don’t think it’s strange that in over 30 Years

     No other country has
    wanted to get to the moon

    everyone wants to climb the highest mountains over & over

  • kool

    thats not correct, NASA announced their plans for Apollo 18,19 & 20 but decided it too costly and an inefficent use of rescources

  • kool

    why go back? Satelights give us all the information NASA needs?

  • kool

    Mars is now the highest mountain….