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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

This is just like magic!

Ain’t No Party Like a My Little Pony Party Because a My Little Pony Party Don’t Stop!

Flickr user LJinto took some My Little Pony-inspired cosplay pictures at MomoCon and let’s just say they arrived just in time for Cinco de Mayo. Because things got crazy, didn’t they Pinkie Pie? Or should we say, Drinkie Pie?

All pics by JLinto. Now, let’s start the party!

Here is where it gets cah-razy: Ponies doing whip-its.

Ponies drinking beer.

My Little Pony drama up in here!

My Little Pony: Friendship is over.

(Flickr via That’s Nerdalicious)


  • Null

    You know, if they had girls like this when I was a teenager, I probably would have had my first relationship 10 years earlier.

  • Ryan ‘Quavey’ Havers

    Badass Flim and Flam. :3

  • Elhyzzabeth

    Nobody wants to be Rarity.

  • Meg

    would you have been able to get a date with a “girl like this”?

  • Anonymous

    Where are their cutie marks?

  • Null

    Of course not, but perhaps her friend… ;)

  • Anonymous

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  • Julia Maclennan

    Nope. Nopony wants to be Twilight.

  • Anonymous

    I think I actually know the Rarity in that first photo. The Applejack in the other photos looks familiar, too. Still, if you call this a pony party, you haven’t met AlcoBrony.