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Potterheads! More Of the My Immortal Web Series Is Incoming, And Here’s the Trailer [VIDEO]

My Immortal: The worst fanfic to ever exist. Needless to say, we were a little excited when the adventures of Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way—Hogwarts student, Goth (or “goff”), enemy of preps everywhere—was made into a webseries that kept all the melodrama, OOC characterization, and spelling errors (“Vlodemort”) that made the original… er… great. Season two of My (Immortal) is on its way, and you can watch the trailer above. If you missed out on the first season, A) you’re a horrible prep, and B) you can catch it behind the jump.

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  • AnnaB

    “Your friends call you Satan?”


  • javakoala

    This exists? Why did no one tell me?!?

  • Bryant Francis

    I did a read-through read of My Immortal with some friends late last year, and it was my first time seeing the story for myself—has anyone else felt kind of guilty for laughing at this? I know it’s several years old, but I’m not super comfortable about laughing at a teenage girl’s fanfic. It actually stopped being funny after a few paragraphs because the story just loops around in the same circle repeatedly, and by then I realized I was reading this personal wish fulfilling and it started to feel weird to laugh at it, especially when it wasn’t coming from someone who got paid to write it.

  • JustPlainSomething

    I have such mixed feelings about My Immortal. Part of me (a big part, really) enjoys it in the same way I enjoy terrible C movies – as a ridiculous mess of a project that can be enjoyed for it’s sheer badness. But it is really disappointing that fics like this tend to be what people assume all fan fiction is like, which isn’t fair to the really well-written fics out there across thousands of fandoms. It would be like if every independent film was immediately dismissed as hackwork because Birdemic is a thing that exists.

  • AnnaB

    Well, now that you put it that way… it does sort of make me feel like an asshole.

  • javakoala

    I think it depends on when a person discovers it and how old they were upon discovery. As someone who found it when it was newish and they were a teen, I don’t feel like a jerk for mocking it. Had I discovered it as an adult, I might have some guilt.

  • Bryant Francis

    Partly fair—I learned about it when I was 16 or so but I never laughed about it until I was 23.

  • Anonymous

    That depends on your perception of the fic. There is an ongoing debate between my friends and I about whether this was a sincerely written piece of fanfic or an elaborate joke. A fairly convincing argument can be made either way.

  • Gneiss_and_a_little_wacke

    The casting! I love the casting!

  • Ben English

    I’m pretty firmly in the camp that My Immortal is an elaborate joke and a brilliant one. One example of the method in the maelstrom of madness is the way Sirius Black’s name is always misspelled, but any time the word ‘serious’ or ‘seriously’ appears it’s spelled ‘Siriusly’.

  • Ben English

    Their Draco is just the perfect straight man (lol) to all the crazy shenanigan.