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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Oh Hollywood

If Movie Posters Had Used the Film’s Working Title

While some of these are humorously ironic (Captain America: The First Avenger), kind of adorable (The Avengers), some of these titles are just so completely nonsensical that seeing them dressed up in serious font with serious images is outright hilarious.

You can see a few more on Reddit.

(Reddit via Nerd Approved.)

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  • Jen Roberts

    Are these “working titles” or “shipped to the theater as” titles? Because movie studios often ship the films with other titles on them deliberately.

  • Gordon Borland

    Now I’m a imagining the Matrix but everyone has and East London accent, a vast improvement if I do say so myself (Which I did.)

  • Andrew Paul Ross Semkow

    Sadly in some bizzaro world I imagine this has happened.

  • Agatha Gomes

    Group hug is pretty sweet

  • Laralock

    Don’t forget “Blue Harvest” :D

  • Jessica Sadoway

    That’s what I was thinking. Perhaps they’re both?

  • Mina

    I would actually like to see a film that’s legitimately called The Burly Man.

  • Shard Aerliss

    Rory’s First Kiss? I smell a bizarre Doctor Who/TDK fanfic…

  • Anne Sauer

    These might even be code names, not even working titles. My husband is a game designer, and in early development the games have code names that have absolutely no relation to the actual games (for example, the game he’s working on right now is named after a tropical fruit).

  • Samuel

    I recall when Batman Begins came out that one of the ways Nolan cast everyone was that they were auditioning for a conspiracy/crime drama called “The Intimidation Game.” The didn’t know until later that it was actually a Batman movie.

  • Lily Queen

    I remember driving around the former Alameda shipyards & taking photos of Burly Man trucks when they were filming. :)

  • Brian

    They’re filming/casting decoy names.

  • Magic Xylophone

    In interviews, the filmmakers refer to Neo’s fight with innumerable Smiths as “The Burly Brawl.”

  • Magic Xylophone

    Pretty accurate, though.

  • Betty Windsor

    Corporate Headquarters, seems dangerously close.

  • Janelle Stevenson

    I went to a casting call to be an extra for the first film. They asked why I wanted to be in The Intimidation Game. I said that my husband was a huge Batman fan. Yes, I’m a jerk, and no, they didn’t call me back after that.