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Ant-Man News: Michael Douglas Speaks, More Casting & Wasp Rumors

We admit, we were taken back when Marvel Entertainment announced Michael Douglas was joining the cast of Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man film as Ant-Man Hank Pym. But our next thought was, what about The Wasp?? Well, we’ve got some new rumory information on that front plus the possible addition of another actor and Douglas explaining why he took on the role. 

The actor spoke with Reuters after the Golden Globes, where he won for his performance of Liberace in HBO’s Behind the Candelabra.

“I’ve been dying to do a Marvel picture for so long. The script is really fun, the director is really good. Dylan (the actor’s 13-year-old son) will love it. He’ll have a picture he can see,” he told them. ”Sometimes – like (when) they didn’t see you for Liberace – you’ve got to shake them up a little bit and have some fun.”

Fair enough. Meanwhile, The Wrap is saying Michael Peña has been offered an unspecified role alongside Douglas and Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang. They also wrote, “Marvel denied that Pena was in negotiations,” so take that how you will.

The last bit of rumor pertains to the film’s female lead. Variety is saying one exists but won’t say if it will be a comic book character. “Rashida Jones and Bryce Dallas Howard have been mentioned but, as of now, no one has been offered the part,” they write. While Howard has already played a Marvel character in Spider-Man 3 (and has Jurassic World on her plate), Jones was previously name-dropped for Janet Van Dyne, the non-superhero name for The Wasp, back in October of last year. We’re crossing all the fingers.

(via Spinoff)

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  • Laura Truxillo

    “The last bit of rumor pertains to the film’s female lead.”

    Just one, naturally. Two Ant-Men (and presumably, given the way these work, one probably-dude villain), but just one “female lead.” Who may not even be a super.

    Y’all, if I was less than enthused for an Ant-Man movie before, this is not doing much to spark that fire.

    C’mooon, just give us a Captain Marvel movie already, guys. You have to know how big a deal that would be, how well your PR people could spin it. Dooooo ittttt….

  • Bam Bunting

    If we’re lucky we’ll have a cool child actress playing Cassie Lang *fingers crossed for her getting superpowers and becoming Stature in the sequels* but for now Jamie Lee Curtis as Wasp, I wanna hear the Pyms firing back witty one liners at everybody.

  • Anonymous

    Come on Rashida. Fingers crossed.

  • Anonymous

    To be fair, if you’re only going to an Ant-Man movie just for Wasp, you’d probably be short-changed anyway.

  • Travis

    If Pena turns out to be Flashback Hank Pym, that leaves a pretty good shot for Jones or Howards too get some Wasp action.

  • Travis

    If Pena turns out to be Flashback Hank Pym, that leaves a pretty good shot for Jones or Howards too get some Wasp action.

  • Jon E. Christianson

    Here’s to hoping both Janet and Cassie will be in the film. Cassie is Scott’s motivation for basically everything, so I’d be surprised if she wasn’t in it.

  • Pink Apocalypse

    If Monica Rambeau, yes.

    Still my fav from childhood, and her title was breaking 400k in the 80s. There’s no need to rush into Carol Danvers.

    Of course, none of that will happen. Insert sullen look here.

  • Mandy

    Seriously! I still can’t believe freaking Ant-Man is getting a movie before characters like Ms/Captain Marvel or Black Panther or even Dr. Strange.

    And not only is Ant-Man getting a movie first, they aren’t even (apparently) going to tie him into his arguably biggest contribution to canon aka the creation of Ultron. (as Ant-Man comes out after Avengers 2 this is assuming they won’t want to vaguely introduce his character as a “bad” guy and then later have his origins as a hero. All rumors so far point to Tony Stark being given creation for MCU Ultron which I hated in the Next Avengers so I really hope they somehow don’t go that route but without Pym, who else could create an AI/program in the current MCU?)