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Once Upon A Time, Alan Moore Turned Down George R.R. Martin Who Turned Down Neil Gaiman [VIDEO]

Writer George R.R. Martin is known for more than just his A Song of Ice and Fire series. For years he’s been involved with a science fiction and superhero fantasy anthology called Wild Cards. We found out last year around this time it was going to be made into a film by Syfy and Universal, and while we have no word on the progress of that project, we did hear some interesting tidbits concerning the original anthology. Turns out, Martin was keen on getting Watchmen creator Alan Moore involved. He didn’t want anything to do with it but someone else did. Martin described him as “a skinny british kid dressed all in black.” Yup, a young Neil Gaiman wanted to create a character for Wild Cards but since he had no credits to his name at that point, Martin turned him down. He’s obviously kicking himself now. Hit the jump to watch him tell the entire story because Gaiman chimes in near the end to tell his side of things and it’s even worse than you can imagine. 

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  • Vixen Campbell

    Those folks must really be freaking out now that we’re going to take
    hundreds of tweets and beam them precisely towards GJ667CC, a possibly
    life-supporting planet.

  • Anonymous

    In retrospect – just as well that Gaiman didn’t bind his “dream man” to Wild Cards. But wooOOOooo… in a differrent ‘Verse from ours!!!
    Mind. Blown.

  • Padma

    Wow. But it all turned out for the best, really. Three visionaries shouldn’t necessarily work together – by working separately, each of them contributed to a huge shift in writing that was going on in the genre.