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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Monday Cute: This Cat Doesn’t Want Petting, It Wants to Check Tumblr

All the signs of true Tumblr addiction are there. Ear scritches are proving only a temporary distraction.

“Please, lady. There are vitally important .gifs of David Tennant going unwatched on my dash. Plus a new episode of Downton Abbey just aired, Steven Moffat said something cryptic, and Tom Hiddleston was caught looking mournful by paparazzi. Let me use the computer.”

(via Cute Overload.)

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  • Anonymous

    Dear Susana,

    Your take on the cat’s inner monologue makes me feel certain that The Mary Sue is the best blog on the entire internet. Tennant and Moffat and Hiddleston, oh my!

    But seriously…do these mournful Tom Hiddleston pictures really exist? If so, please share.

    Best regards,


  • Belle Hammond

    Is it bad I read your video caption and immediately felt the urge to google David Tennant .gifs and “Tom Hiddleston mournful”. Someone – quick – I need an ear scritch distraction STAT