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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Monday Cute: Baby Bulldogs Squeak, Learn to Walk, Have Too Much Skin

Monday Cute: because it’s Monday for everyone. Tiny, seal-like puppies grow up, however, sometimes a bit quicker than they expected. See below.

(top video from Cute Overload, bottom from BuzzFeed.)


  • Terence Ng

    Those pups, cute as they are, seem a bit distressed, and it looks like their mother (?) is separated from them in the dog cage…?

  • Eva Marie Heater

    That white one looks kinda like it’s still in its pupa stage…

  • Erica Throne

    That dog’s been watching Maru videos on youtube.

  • Ward Hegedus

    The best part of the 2nd video is the “You’re ridiculous.” I say that to my bulldog frequently. 

  • Lizzy Kabloom

    Yeah that lil pup video made me a bit ill, i’m pretty sure they don’t have great vision yet and would be whining like that calling to their mum in distress which would distress their mum too. He didn’t seem to care much about comforting his dogs more about getting his creepy  sociopathic puppy crawling footage……maybe i’m just a worry wart…… but if a humanoid dog did that to a crying baby that was struggling to crawl to it’s mum people would definitely freak. The bull dog in the box is cute :)

  • Kirsten Zoe Hyer

    Playing this video, my own dog, a 10 month old Australian Shepard/ Poodle mix came up into my lap and stared at my computer cocking his head from side to side in DEEP confusion as to why puppy noises were coming from the funny white box…

  • Cassandra Gray

    The babies are FINE. Pups whine and whine and whine sometimes, it’s just how it is. They weren’t distressed, they weren’t being abused in any way, shape or form. They weren’t even trying to get away from the person with the camera, in fact they wanted to be closer. They were fine.