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Momtagonists: 7 Moms Who Get to Be The Hero

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Jessica Jones

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You may not have heard of Jessica Jones now, but you might soon. The Marvel character, who briefly went by the superhero identities of Jewel and Nightress, shared a high school with Peter Parker (in fact, she had a crush on him, something he won't let Nick Cage forget). While still a teenager, her family was caught in a terrible car accident, killing her parents and brother and leaving Jessica comatose... but doused in a mysterious experimental compound that the army truck their car collided with had been transporting. Months later she awoke, and was eventually adopted by the Jones family. Jessica eventually realized she had superpowers: that she was super strong, reasonably resistant to damage, and could fly. Her career as a young superhero was cut drastically short, however, by torture at the hands of a mind-controlling supervillain, who eventually, after months of imprisonment, sent her on a suicide mission against the Avengers, who put her into a coma again before Ms. Marvel recognized that Jessica wasn't fighting of her own free will. Even after the Avengers made sure she was healthy, awake, and mentally protected from further mind control attacks, Jessica was understandably less enamoured of the superhero community. After all, none of them had even noticed she was missing. She decided to hang up the costume, and instead become a private detective. That's where Alias, the Marvel comic, not the Jennifer Garner show, comes in. Brian Michael Bendis' (he of Powers and Miles Morales in Ultimate Spider-Man) award winning series took Jessica Jones and made her a private detective specializing in cases with a superheroic slant, and it was followed by Pulse, where Jessica, needing a steadier source of income, took a job covering superheroes for the Daily Bugle. Yes, that Daily Bugle. Yeah, the arrangement didn't last very long. But the reason Jessica needed a slightly steadier income? Because she and long-term boyfriend Luke Cage (known sometimes as Power Man) were having a baby. Little Danielle was named after Luke's super-bro Iron Fist, and after her birth Jessica figured she'd finally worked through the psychological scars from Purple Man's torture that had always messed with her other relationships. She and Luke got married in New Avengers Annual #1, and though she's "settled down," it hasn't prevented Jessica from hiring a babysitter and going out to punch bad guys in the face when she needs to.

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