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BREAKING: Minecraft Beta 1.3 Available for Download

Minecraft creator Notch, a.k.a. Markus Persson, has just announced that Minecraft Beta 1.3 is a go. The next time you boot up Minecraft, the update will download automatically.

* Implemented a new lighting engine with the help of MrMessiahs (can be turned off)

* Changed the options around, added a new “Graphics options” button

* Added beds. If all players in a map sleeps in a bed during night, the game immediately skips until morning

* Added three new half-size blocks

* Added Delay/Repeater redstone dust blocks

* Added whitelisting to the server. To use, enter “whitelist <cmd>” where cmd is “on”, “off”, “add <player>”, “remove <player>”, “list” or “reload”

* New save file format, old maps need to be converted (that might take a while..)

* It’s now possible to have more than five save slots, and to rename saves

* Scrollbars in both the texture pack list, and in the map selection screen

* Replaced the Mojang splash image to reflect the new logo colors

* .. and a bunch of bug fixes and tweaks!

You want to know how to make a bed in Minecraft, you say?The recipe is one row of three woods and one row of three wools, like so: (We figured this out ourselves, because we are that cool.)

You can only sleep on beds at night.

And here’s the recipe for the Redstone repeater/delayer: Smooth stone-stone-stone (not cobblestone) at base, and two Redstone torches in the middle separated by a Redstone dust. (via)

As for those half blocks, the recipes are wood-wood-wood in one line for a wood half-block, smooth stone-stone-stone for a stone half-block, and sandstone-sandstone-sandstone for a (you guessed it) sandstone half-block. Minecraft Wiki has more on the point of these. Wood and stone pressure plates are now two across rather than three across as a result of these changes.

Also, light and shadows are looking a lot more realistic. And sandstone now occurs naturally, usually at the bottom of large piles of sand. Lastly, slimes are apparently more common now.

More info as it becomes available …

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