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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


So Game of Thrones‘ Catelyn and Firefly‘s Zoë Are Going to Be On a Show Together

The show in question is USA’s Suits, which already features Gina Torres as a better-than-everyone SuperLawyer and has just added Michelle Fairley to its third season. Too much awesome. Can’t handle it.

According to Entertainment Weekly Catelyn Stark Fairley will play Ava Hessington, a British oil tycoon who goes to Harvey (Gabriel Macht) for help after her family business is threatened by a lawsuit. There’s no word on how many episodes she’ll appear in, but her role is apparently recurring, and she’ll first show up in the July 16th season premiere.

Here she is in a pic Instagrammed by her new co-star Patrick J. Adams. Wow. After Game of Thrones, I’m not used to seeing her smiling.

If the show isn’t Westerosi enough for you yet, season two recurring guest star Conleth Hill, whom Game of Thrones fans better know as Varys, will be popping up in season three as well. Is it too much to ask that Hill and Fairley have a scene together? Actually, no, a whole scene might be distracting. I just want them to pass each other in the hall and do a double-take or give each other the stinkeye. This is a show that featured a scene of Adams’ and Hill’s characters fanboying over Downton Abbey, not to mention their explicit Game of Thrones reference courtesy of Louis “I’m a Lannister” Litt (best character, accept no substitutes). Don’t tell me they wouldn’t do it.

(Quick note: Please refrain from talking about the last episode of Game of Thrones in the comments. Not everyone has had the chance to see it yet.)

(via: /Film)

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  • Aeryl

    Someone informed me she was also Hermiones’s mom in a HP movie. How lucky can you get, to be the mom of Hermione Granger AND Arya Stark.

  • Anonymous

    My head is going to explode from all of this fantastic information. Thank you for sharing!

  • Rebecca Pahle

    But she’s the mom of Nathan from Misfits, too. Not so lucky there.

  • Myomorph

    Even when Nathan was at his Nathaniest I couldn’t stop loving him. So, yeah. Lucky three times over.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Yeah, Nathan’s awesome! Just not the easiest child to raise, I’d imagine. :)

  • Myomorph

    Well. He just needed to be saved.

    By Barry.

    (Sorry I am incapable of talking about Nathan and not sprouting out SAVE ME BARRY in some form or the other. It’s a thing.)

  • Rebecca Pahle

    A completely understandable thing. I might’ve shouted SAVE ME BARRY a time or two when watching Iwan’s Game of Thrones scenes. :)

  • Anonymous

    So did Theon Greyjoy, undoubtedly.

    (He hasn’t seen Misfits, he just thought it was Barry.)

  • Anonymous

    YES. I wish more people watched Suits, so I would have more people to talk about it with. Specifically, more people to geek out with me about how amazing Gina Torres is and how perfect her costumes are. I want that ENTIRE wardrobe.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Speaking of clothes: The costume design in that flashback episode was AMAZING. I didn’t realize how different things were a few years ago until 2008!Jessica showed up and I was screaming at my TV “YOUR HAIR! YOUR HAIR!!!”