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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Why Not Do It With Some Style?

Medieval My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Cosplay

Cosplayer Lady Mella, as photographed by Toshiyasu Morita, portraying Rainbow Dash’s jousting armor from the Crystal Empire episodes. I’m slightly confused about how ponies joust but I’m just going with it.

(via Fashionably Geek)

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  • Jamie Jeans

    WHOA! Completely badass!

  • Anonymous

    Weird boner.

  • Anonymous

    Kind of a hot cosplay in a weird way but I haven’t fully understood the appeal of this show. I mean, I have a slightly better understanding after watching this in-depth analysis:

    My Little Analysis of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

    Maybe I just should just take the leap and give an episode or two a go. We’ll see.

  • Anonymous

    With her shoulderpads sticking out like that, she might want to enhance the size of her wings.

  • Amanda Allen Douglas

    THIS is awesome. on a completely different note, i was surfing and noticed they have a new cosplay tab, but was really cool for a while until I noticed that it was only girls, and only sexy costumes at that. Maybe this isn’t the right place to discuss, but I was just wondering if I should be happy or grossed out. Thoughts?

  • Ryan Colson

    If Hub ever has IDW do this as a MLP cover, just think of the misplaced rage as a result of sexing up a kid pony girl far more than that tame cover…
    But yeah this is neat. Just like that PPG art..

  • Ender1200

    Basically giving it a try is the best way to figure out if you like the show or not.
    Yeah i know that’s kind of an obvious statement. Thing is this show is doing some things really great and other things not very well. So in the end it usually falls to what do you look for in cartoons.

  • Anonymous

    Snark aside, I am curious why the same people who are squicked out by the PPG cover seem to think this is cool and not at all sexualized. I meant, it’s a teenage pony character being depicted in a mini-skirt and boob-plate armor! O.o

  • karina

    I agree the wings need to be bigger, but the boots are my real problem here. A straight boot would have been better than the sadly put together wing flaps on them. Just my opinion.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Here’s your answer: a woman choosing to dress a certain way ≠ a sexy cover promoting a kid’s comic. She did this for herself, as a fan, not to sell something intended for children. Re: the cover, most folks aren’t offended by the image itself, it’s what it was used for.

  • Ryan Colson

    That is a decent answer, but the cover was not intended for children, either, or that is what I understand is the case.
    Most responses I read on it seem to be focusing on the image, since the image was (as I understand it)

  • Anonymous

    Check out her gallery on DeviantArt. Lovely.