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10 Reasons Why This Woman Won’t Win Maxim’s Gamer Girl Contest

Don’t worry, we haven’t reverted into Mean Girls territory, this is a list Kimmie Britt (aka killerrqueen) made up herself. She’s a contestant in Maxim Magazine’s Gamer Girl contest. The woman with the most votes will get “exposure in Maxim magazine and, an all-expense paid trip to VIP gaming event(s), and a potential contract to become a Virgin Gaming spokesmodel, just to name a few,” according to the website. But Britt is wondering about her chances considering some of the current entries so she made this video as a response. Check it out (along with her page), the contest ends May 25.

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  • Laura

    Lol, awesome.

  • Geoff Arbuckle

    I’d vote FOR her for those very same 10 reasons.

  • Anonymous

    :( The whole thing was her asking for a vote. Kimmie, if you don’t believe in the “gamer girl” why are you seeking validation through Maxim?

  • Anonymous

    I was with her for many parts, but not with any of that bullshit attitude she’s giving other women with other priorities. I may not approve of the behavior described, but this KillerQueen person is slut-shaming and beauty-shaming, almost arguing you should vote for her because she’s not pretty and therefor obviously better (which is kinda funny considering she is very beautiful herself… outwardly at least).

    Her complaints about the contest’s goals are valid, but I wish she’d have packaged that as a complaint to MM and even the general fallacy that popular=good rather than the other contestants.

  • Kalynn Osburn

    Soooooooo who else out there says we should all vote for her?

  • Kalynn Osburn

    insult to any gamer girl anywhere! We reserve the right not to be
    judged based on our bodies, but on the level of our character
    development and hours logged! We will not be seen with controllers in
    our mouths, but Funyuns on our tongue! We do not wear high heels and
    matching bra & panties but sneakers and batman boxers! We will not
    make our boyfriends sandwiches for their weekend LAN parties but we WILL
    order takeout as we sit beside them playing Call of Duty and DESTROYING
    their ranking!

  • Anonymous

    There’s some serious femmephobia going on in your rant.

  • Anonymous

    Looking at the maxim gamer girl site – the person currently in the lead doesn’t appear to be anything but a “real” gamer girl.  Granted she has a successful youtube channel with almost 100,000 subscribers ( about world of warcraft ) that is definitely feeding her votes, don’t necessarily think that makes her lead less valid.

  • Anonymous

    whoops. double posted. deleted ;)

  • Anonymous

     All of the people submitting entries into the contest presumably did so
    because they WANTED to.   There are many different types of women, and
    geeks and gamers or whatever – don’t negate someone else’s experience
    just because it doesn’t match your own.  

  • Nomadic Scribe

    After watching her video, I signed up for the Maxim thing just so I could vote for her. Even though I don’t play videogames or read Maxim. I really hope she wins.

  • Anna B

    Yeah, I don’t want to hate on her, but the whole message of her video is just a complete disconnect with her being in the contest in the first place. I mean, they had to have had to ask her consent to enter her, right? And *then* there’s kind of a slut-shaming vibe… gah, whatever. I wish her the best of luck.

  • Anonymous

    There is so much wrong with everything going on right now.  I don’t even know where to begin.  Every time I try I’m like, “wait, but this thing I’m saying right here is still really sexist..  This one is just presumptuous..”

    It’s dumb that Maxim is trying to elect a “Mrs. Girl Gamer” or whatever the hell this is.  Why can’t it just be “the face of gaming” and have it not be gender exclusive?  Probably because Maxim are gross nasty and just want to look at women’s bodies.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the people who are submitting entries to this competition, many of them real gamers and also, let’s face it, girls who just want their boobs in a magazine (not that there’s anything wrong with that, if that’s what they want).  There’s also nothing wrong with a guy for voting for a really hot girl just because she’s hot, and not necessarily because she’s a gamer.  And I think the girl is this video is being a little narrow-minded and slut-shamey.  I think her chances of winning the contest are slim, but not because she’s not attractive; she’s actually in my opinion very pretty.  I feel like her chances are slim because she seems like she’s bitter about a lot of what it is she’d have to do if she won this competition.  It’s MAXIM.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you not wanting to pose with no clothes on, or with a controller hanging out of your mouth, but if you were to win this competition, they’d probably ask you to do those things.  And if you refused then you’d be so easily and quickly replaced.

    Not that I support that.  This is so confusing.  I’m probably wrong too but this is just my two cents.

  • Anonymous

    I had to look up femmephobia, and it more accurately describes the above video than Kalynn’s one line about high heels/bras.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but it still is femmephobic to say that stuff about what “gamer girls” supposedly wear. Sorry, was I supposed to dress up like the stereotypical image of a male geek to be worthy of picking up a controller? And the entire sandwiches thing is not empowering in the least – preparing food in preparation of a LAN is a good thing and both men and women should do that instead of both refusing to do that.

  • Anonymous

    Right, but preparing food for your significant other should not be considered “feminine,” so I’m not sure why not liking “make me a sandwich” jokes (term used loosely) is femmephobic.

  • Anonymous

    “Should not be” is not the same as “is”. Making sandwiches is considered feminine/a woman’s task, so looking down on making sandwiches because of that association is femmephobia.

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprise that Maxim is still in business. Seriously who buys them anymore? If I wanted to see a bunch of hot girls in revealing outfits, I’ll subscribe to Victoria’s Secret for free. Any man that has a Maxim magazine in their apartment, room, house, burn them, you’re not getting laid with pre-teen material lying around. I say no vote on this chick because Maxim is beneath any girl, too bad most girls on there don’t realize it yet. 

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone else get a little unnerved when very attractive people pretend that they have qualities that aren’t attractive, yet those qualities are one of the reasons they are attractive!

    AKA, “I’m just a nerd haha lol!” (OK… so you’re in a nerd contest and that’s a bad thing?) “I think farts are funny!” (So, you’re easy going? Since when do young people get huffy about a sense of toilet humor?) 

    Also… “I’m not a model… obviously!” *crosses legs/flashed thighs*

    I think she’s probably a very cool person… But I HATE it when pretty women go on and on about how they aren’t beautiful and awesome. Especially since this seems somewhat calculated and not her genuinely thinking she’s an ugly duckling.

  • Anonymous

    which is kinda funny considering she is very beautiful herself
    You hit the nail right on the head. 

  • Anonymous

    Definitely agree. I think the fact she entered into this competition in the first place says enough.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but you don’t voluntarily enter what is essentially a beauty pageant when you really honestly feel like you’re not up to par with the rest of the competition.  And let’s all be real here:  this IS a beauty pageant.  And in my opinion she is up to par with the rest of the competition.

    And I hope that doesn’t read as “she’s so full of herself!”  I’m just saying, there are definitely girls who might be just as pretty, but genuinely think so little of their appearance that they’re too afraid of rejection to enter this competition.

  • Anonymous

    This is the sound of me rolling my eyes, shaking my head, and giving you a thumbs down all at the same time.

  • Anonymous

    Care to elaborate on your reaction, or is smug & snark the only mode you are comfortable with?

  • Anonymous

    I heard: “How dare a woman not make her man a sandwich! She must hate women!” Really, believing that it’s a woman’s job to make their gamer men sandwiches is misogynistic, aka the hate of women. I find it hilarious that you’re calling someone out on something when you’re much worse.

  • Rodney Thomas

    I am probably not voting, but if I were, I would vote for Britt.

  • Mike Perry

    From the sounds of it, it’s almost like something happened between entering the contest and getting to this stage that’s making her say “*bleep* it” Not sure what but she probably thought about all this before entering (or at least I hope so). If that’s the case I dare say she might be trying to lose on purpose (though, I’d still bet on sympathy to get votes if there was a choice).

  • Ric Merrill

    There is nothing wrong with saying: “Winning with MAXIM, is losing at life…but I want to win anyway.” 

  • Anonymous

    While I am of the opinion that the cure you are in highest need of is an attitude correction in the form of a boot to the butt, which would hopefully do something too about the lacking connection between your eyes and your brain, I am not capable of administering that, so will have to do with the second most needed cure: getting you to understand what femmephobia is.

    In our society, men and women are both limited in what they can and can’t do, but for different reasons. In most contexts, women are thought of as the lower being and men as the higher being. As a result, women’s competence is questioned when they try to do things from the masculine realm, but otherwise they receive a certain degree of freedom in that they are already low and can do little to worsen that status. Men on the other hand are limited in that doing something from the feminine realm will lessen their value as the higher beings and cause them to be worth even less than women.

    In this scheme, the feminine realm and masculine realm are made up from archetypes and stereotypes that are almost arbitrarily assigned and that do not actually correspond to a system of worthless and worth if you look at it objectively. Cooking is feminine and therefore mostly looked down upon (professional cooking is a niche function protected from feminine association due to an aggressive misogynist atmosphere), even though it’s a skill anyone should have.

    A lot of modern feminism that I see works from the fallacy that to create equality, women should strive to be honorary men and distance themselves from feminine qualities. But this only emphasizes the worthlessness of the feminine realm and makes it even harder for men (and even other women) to be accepted to associate with that realm. And since the feminine realm contains functions that are highly valuable or even necessary to be done, this creates a void that in turn socially pulls all women “back to the kitchen”, so to say.

    When a woman proudly proclaims she won’t prepare food but will order takeout, she’s emphasizing the worthlessness of a person who would prepare food. A man can do so too, but he can be easier dismissed as “just an ass” than a woman. As such, she’s creating a void, where the need for good food is answered with a cheap and easy order to an anonymous and therefore irrelevant third party.

    There is no progress or pride in that. It’s female misogyny at its finest – the appropriation of a system that allows women and the feminine to be treated as lesser beings by women who are capable to and like to lean towards the masculine. It’s hypocrisy of which the only prize is a false sense of “better than”-ship.

    Progress is when preparing food is an acknowledged part of preparing a LAN, and therefore a task that can befall anyone participating, be they men or women. Since cooking is part of the feminine realm, it comes down to it being a woman’s responsibility to establish this setup. Ordering food is the lazy way out that will not do anyone any good in both the short and long run. If after several encouragements the men don’t take their responsibility, it’s time to question the relationship and perhaps get out before you are dealing with a husband unwilling to do his part in raising the kids and keeping the house clean so you have time to pursue a career of your own.

  • Emma Marshall

    I ain’t hatin’… but I checked out the girls on the website, I would say that one of the top girls with over 12,000 votes isn’t a model bimbo, nor does she seem to possess any of the typical” qualities this girl is talking about in her video.

    This video seems kind of irrelevant and comes across as a ploy to win sympathy votes…

  • Anonymous

    … It’s Maxim.  They aren’t worth this much attention.

  • Joanna

    I think she wants to be voted for being a normal person rather than for tits and ass.  People saying otherwise are clearly missing the point.

  • Hilary Michèle

     I like the satire here in the vid. But the comments are making me sad. Can we gamer girls PLEASE stop trying to pander to the boys altogether and just PLAY.

  • withwings18

    This girl wants to win because she doesn’t have a chance in the world and even if Maxim replaces her for whatever reason….is it so wrong for her to post a satiric video about the truth on the oddball chance that she’d be a finalist? i’ve looked at the girls and i’ve looked at maxim itself. granted, some of the other scantily clad ladies may have a better chance because sex sells and sex indeed sells their magazine but what IF, someone like kimmie, who is trying to win based on word of mouth, true gaming spirit, and dressed in t shirts won a competition like this….at the very least it would send a message.

    i vote for kimmie britt every day in the hopes that she’ll be in the top 3 cause while tradechat seems cool and all (in the lead, i think) and does game….she’s semi-annoying. just my opinion on it all….

    oh and as for kimmie’s thoughts on why she joined up?

  • Quinne

    I could be wrong, but I think Parrotbeak is saying society at large see making sandwiches as a feminine task, not himself.  in reality it is neither feminine or masculine – but is a task that needs doing to sustain life.

    providing take-away is a service, if work was evenly shared out that would be okay.  If you think of the take-away provider as lower you could be classiest or sexist.

    Kalynn Osburn is dealing in stereo-types.  what we should look is what is empowering both for men and women regardless of where they fall on the feminine/masculine scale.