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Allow us to explain.

Great Hera!

Your Weekly Hollywood Notable Saying They’d Love to Make a Wonder Woman Film; Still No Film in Development

Those of us who cannot believe that Warner Bros. hasn’t greenlit a Wonder Woman movie yet have a complicated relationship with news about a given possible adaptation. On the one hand, we’re incredibly cynical about the actual prospects of any body saying anything. We know “how it is.” On the other, we’re willing to consider any path to getting her on the big screen, no matter how vaguely couched or insidery the connection.

So for this post, lets entertain the hypothetical notion that Max Landis, screenwriter of Chronicle, was intentionally dropping hints about pitching a Wonder Woman movie to Warner Bros.

Landis mentioned the Amazon Princess in a recent Reddit AMA, where he both mentioned that he’d be doing a reboot project soon of one of his favorite properties, and that he has a Wonder Woman pitch ready to go.

If you could do a reboot of any character, TV show or film what would it be? And what would you do with it?

You’ll know sooner than you think.

Presented with the opportunity to write a super flick, that would get made regardless, for any character, any arc, anything you want. Who would you choose and why?

Either a version of Green Lantern that played like ET meets Stand By Me using the goth/punk seen and Kyle Raynor, or Wonder-Woman, using a pitch that I intend to make to WB.

Now, Landis already has my interest for being the writer behind a development-hell-bound television show examining our ideas about heroic vigilanteism with “more in common with The Wire than Smallville,” that also has a female character donning the combat boots of +2 to Mugger Kicking. I’d be even more interested in seeing the Wonder Woman pitch of somebody who has an interest in coming at superheroes from that angle. I’m not saying he has to come at a Wonder Woman story from that angle, just that I’d really like to see somebody tackle one of Warner Bros. future superhero blockbusters who has documented history of recognizing that there are more interesting things about superheroes than how they “symbolize hope” and punch things really hard.

Anyway, I think that’s enough hoping for one day. Landis is probably talking about a reboot completely unrelated to Wonder Woman, and the odds of Warner Bros. entertaining a pitch from him, despite his extensive resume, on Wonder Woman is pretty slim. Back to imagining a Peggy Carter/Agents of SHIELD time travel episode.

(Reddit via MTV.)

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  • John W

    In light of recent events I’m beginning to think DC/WB hates their female characters and would rather not waste their time on them.

  • Suzanne Larsen

    with everything DC is doing right now to screw all of their books into the ground (not just the female led ones) I’m actually torn about a WW film. I would LOVE one, don’t get me wrong. But I honestly think DC/WB would screw it up so badly that WW would go back to being the “Wonder Boobies” laughing-stock that she was for so long.

  • John Burkhart

    I saw this::( post the other day for the first time (which probably means I’m slow to the draw.) But one of the things I think is important is that WW doesn’t get sucked into the grittiness of Man of Steel or the Nolanverse (imagine if WW had done the neck snapping thing)

    So, if I were to write a screenplay (and I’d like to), I think there needs to be two villains: A “Redeemable” one to make a heel-face-turn, and some sort of complete monster.

    While Ares is usually mentioned as the first villain to show up in WW (like in the animated cartoon), I don’t think he’s the best first bet.

    Instead, I might seek to use Brother Blood (representing Trigon) as the irredeemable one that needs to be captured, and either Raven or Cheetah as the minor villain to move to assisting Wonder Woman in the end.

  • Kamil Kukowski

    you damn well know we’ll get another batman/superman/greenlantern origin-story… after the recent DC wonderfull ideas, i don’t want them to meddle with a character I adore

  • Anonymous

    We need kathryn Bigelow to express interest in getting WW to the big screen

  • frodobatmanvader

    Sigh. This this THIS. Honestly, I’m hoping Superman/Batman crashes and burns, prompts DC/WB to focus on TV for a while instead, and then we can just start over in roughly a decade with people who actually CARE about the DC characters who are “unfortunately not Batman.”

  • Adrian

    As a Wonder Woman fan waiting for a new/good movie/TV adaptation… I feel like the confused, cranky old man waiting at an out of service bus stop in the movie Ghost World. I feel hopeless, angry, and trying to remember where all my hope went.

    I just can’t understand why they don’t think her movie is a good idea.

  • frodobatmanvader

    I still think that casting Wonder Woman isn’t as hard as everyone’s making it out to be. I wonder who Max Landis would chose for the part if he had the opportunity?

  • Anonymous

    “Imagine if WW had done the neck snapping thing”

    You mean this iconic moment?

    (as the old covers used to promise, NOT a fake-out, NOT an alternate-earth story, NOT mind control)

    That’s Diana.

    And she will.

    And she has.

    And while we cry when Supes does it, we will not bat an eye when she does.

  • Kamil Kukowski

    the problem with casting WW is her costume; she shouldn’t be sexualised at-all, since she’s a fully fledged heroine (has she already realised her relationship with superman is just excessive luggage? Sorry, I’m not up to date with DC publications)

  • frodobatmanvader

    Agreed. Give her armor akin to Xena, and then she would look AT LEAST as sensibly dressed for battle as Brad Pitt from Troy. Oh, and seriously, stop showing her cleavage. Fear of spilling out should not be forefront on her mind.

  • Suzanne Larsen

    Wonder Woman is …not “gritty” but she is “realistic” in her approach to villains. She always tries diplomacy first, but she understands that some villains cannot or will not redeem themselves and so she takes them out of the picture. She’s not a “killer” who doesn’t mind killing people, but she is a warrior and she understands that part of war is people dying and so she doesn’t shy away from that. There’s some really good stuff going on her comic right now dealing with just that.

  • Kamil Kukowski i think she looked amazing in this medieval version

  • Suzanne Larsen

    tragically no, they’re pushing Supes/WW as hard as they can. They’ve even got Superboy and Wonder Girl hooking up in Teen Titans to provide some sort of epic “meant to be” crap.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I think this is a mix of Hollywood bias mixed with the DC comics, comic books are for boys type thinking.

  • Guest

    See, that…that’s just creepy(-ier). Like step-siblings hooking up. Or, well, like mini-mes of heroes, I guess?

  • electrasteph

    Exactly – that was one of the reasons cited why Superman would never snap someone’s neck – because he had a major-league freak out and upended everything when Wonder Woman did it! A huge story-arc was built around her doing this because she thought it was the right thing – and Superman was completely judgmental about it. That moment in Man of Steel screws with major DC story line continuity.

  • Anonymous

    The only difference being the Superboy and Wonder Girl relationship actually worked.

  • Mandy

    At this point all I want is for someone to give her some straps or sleeves! I mean holy crap! Strapless tops are not that unmovable. I have issues getting my boobs to stay in my strapless bra on a regular school day! I can’t image flying/jumping/ass kicking without some serious nip slips if not full on boob fall outs happening. (Esp with out well endowed some artists draw her).

  • Anonymous

    I get the feeling they hate all of their characters apart from the ones that begin with ‘bat’ and end with ‘man’.

  • Anonymous

    Wait, that would include Batwoman. Scratch that, they hate her too.

  • Starman

    Given how much Landis seemed to hate DC Comics in his Death of Superman short and how much of his other writings seem to paint him as a Marvel Zombie, I’d be very fearful of him being allowed to do anything with Warner Brothers. Frank Miller writing Wonder Woman fearful.

    Dude can’t even spell Kyle Rayner’s name right.

  • Anonymous

    My money right now is on a Peggy Carter-solo movie as the first big superheroine movie seeing the big screen in this decade. They are halfway there ;-9 and response to the character and Hayley Atwell seem to be good. And as she’s free from big duties to further Cap movies there’s nothing really speaking against exploiting this character that has already been successfully established to cinemagoers.

  • John Burkhart

    I understand we’re devoted comic fans here. But I think a movie with mainstream appeal is probably easier to get off the ground. The mainstream’s last actual Wonder Woman encounter was Lynda Carter in the seventies.

    An actual inspiring hero that averts all of the excess damage that we mocked in Man of Steel? I’d go for it.

  • John Burkhart

    Capt/Ms. Marvel’s probably more likely, I’d think.

  • Jordan Ruttle

    There’s a Wonder Woman short being released by Rainfall Studios soon at least. Diana looks sooooo bad ass.

  • Eisen

    If you can change Hawkeyes costume so much, you surely can give WW some pants and armor. There is no problem at all.

  • Mark Brown

    Actually, Connor & Cassie (Superboy and Wondergirl) were already a couple pre-Flashpoint.

  • Pythia

    Exactly. I tend to think that of the DC big three she’s the least likely to give out second chances to villains–she’s got too much of a battlefield ethic.

    And frankly, (to respond to JB’s post), I’m not a big fan of the idea of a Wonder Woman movie that has as a main narrative arc the redemption of another person–let her carry her own plot! If you want to do justice to this character, you need to give her a villain and a conflict that’s as universal in scope as a villain/conflict you’d give a Batman or Superman, and one that lets her show off her unique traits (or, conversely, one that challenges those traits, uniquely). Let her be a (Greek) warrior and diplomat in our world; and let her be a little uncompromising for our modern tastes. Just ffs let her be awesome.

    I don’t think a Teen Titan villain is the way to go for that. I do think Ares actually works well here if DC wants to follow the Thor model, as Ares is a well known name for mainstream audiences to latch onto…though my personal vote would be a Wonder Woman v. Vandal Savage movie.

  • Kamil Kukowski

    the main reason we can’t get a WW movie is the character herself, while I believe women should (MUST is the bether word) be the heoines in action/superhero movie, an actress that would play WW, would have to hit the gym and build the muscles (it’s not like there are many mainstreem stars with amazonian bodybilds) but after the shooting would be done, she would be left with tons of muscles (and it would cut her off from the casting for a more ‘delicate’ character)… of course the casting directors could find another Lucy Lawless, but in that case they would have to bet on some unknown face (famous names bring the crowds in the movie theaters, why else you think they’ve cast Affleck as batman?) . Also Wonderwoman uses tools that are quite magical, and with nolan’s batman the DC universe went towards the realistic approach in movies ( that didn’t work with GL), and how are you going to explain realistically the lasso of truth and the invisible jet?

  • Adam Cross

    straps and sleeves coming up –

    the Odyssey outfit is my all time favourite

  • Adam Cross

    which is crazy when you have the proof right in front of you, the most recent Wonder Woman animated feature outsold the Green Lantern animated feature of the same year. I don’t think all of those Wonder Woman sales were boys!

  • Adam Cross

    why? she makes extremely sub-par movies :/

  • Anonymous

    You know what, I would prefer if they did Wonder Woman in CGI that was used for the Batman: Akham games (the videos). Especially with the latest trailer looking so damn good for Origins.

    As for the costume being too “sexy”, put on some pants and the fanbase can just deal with the cleavage.

  • Ross Van Loan

    The unsung heroine of the under-clad pneumatic heroine is spirit gum. Lots & lots of spirit gum.

  • Anonymous

    They look at that like its a fluke, an accident. Its the same reason they cant understand why Twilight works but not Mortal Instruments.

  • Robbie Moraes

    They are Warner Jerks.
    This is why Marvel is way ahead of them in movies.

  • frodobatmanvader

    Except… I miss Hawkeye’s comic look. But that just me…

    In any case, I see no reason why Wonder Woman couldn’t have, gasp, MORE THAN ONE COSTUME! :)

  • Anonymous

    The jet is unnecessary since Diana has been flying on her own for decades now.

  • Anonymous

    Because she’s an award winning director with experience directing action movies that appeals to both men and women. Plus she’s a big enough name that would draw to right amount of media attention to the project.

  • Anonymous

    Why is the appeal of Diana wearing pants? Not that I’m personally opposed to the idea but I believe the roman/greek armor skirt would be more fitting and keep in line with her character.

  • Suzanne Larsen

    ooooh that would be a fantastic match-up

  • Suzanne Larsen

    ahh thanks for the info! I just thought it was a case of “well the older ones are hooking up, why not the young versions?” (I switched from DC to Marvel around ’86-’88 and I didn’t get back into DC til Blackest Night)

  • Pythia

    Right?! You could even work Hippolyta/WWII in with a Savage plot!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this guy is a gold mine of cool ideas. I really liked Chronicle (one of the best “superhero” movies that I’ve seen), Vigilante sounds interesting, and so does the Wonder Woman movie.

  • Anonymous

    Nope, I prefer jobs going to people who aren’t torture apologists. And her movies have been more the type that appeal to the Academy than the type that really draw audiences.

  • Anonymous

    Her politics aside, Wonder Woman would be the one to draw the audiences in.

  • Anonymous

    Torture is evil; it isn’t “politics”. It’s a measure of how utterly screwed up and disturbing the last 12 years have been that it can be dismissed as such.

  • Anonymous

    She directed the movie she didn’t write it – and you’re making it political by implying that she’s an torture apologist.

  • Anonymous

    She didn’t torture anyone, she made a flawed film.

  • Not buying it…

    I understand how someone would think the actress would have to be muscular to play Wonder Woman. She is an amazon. You automatically assume the person is intimidating in stature. However, I always thought that angle would be a bit too literal for WW. Yes. She is an amazon. However, she was given her gifts from the gods themselves. In my mind, she wouldn’t need the physique of a bodybuilder to assert her strength. It would be effortless for her. No. I’m not saying I want her to have the body of a supermodel with 1% body fat. The actress would need to be toned with envy worth abs but not overly muscular. Perhaps toned to the point of ALMOST being muscular. I want my WW to look like she can kick your ass but still be feminine.

    I share your sentiment about the lasso. The equipment itself is badass. The presentation is what makes it silly. It just dangles from her waist. They would have to retool the lasso to make it less ridiculous. It would look pretty awesome if it had the appearance of an upper arm cuff that would unravel when she needed it. Like this:

    She’s had flight since the 80s. She doesn’t NEED it. If they wanted to make a nod toward it she could steal a plane with high tech cloaking technology.

  • Anonymous

    I disagree with your assessment of why we’re not getting a WW movie now. I don’t think it’s the actress, build or otherwise, I think WB execs cannot see how Greek Gods could fit into the Nolan-verse. In this they could really take a lesson from Marvel and Thor, but Marvel’s overall approach has been far less grounded in reality than WB’s. Of course, none of this explain why we haven’t had a WW movie in the last twenty years…

  • Anonymous

    It’s not me who gives a rat ass on Diana being overly exposed but I do like the idea of her in the armour as well.

  • OMG! Ponies!

    First, let me start by saying I would kill to see Gina Torres as Wonder Woman.

    Having said that, it’s a hard story to sell. WW is made from clay and then given life by her mother Hippolita on the mythical island of Themyscira. You have to mix Classical Greek mythology in with current day stuff and the only villain of note is Cheetah.

    That’s a lot of new material to throw at people who only know of Lynda Carter.