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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

The Mary Sue

Pics From The Mary Sue and Her Universe’s Fabulous NYCC Meetup!

Sit awhile and let your humble managing editor tell you the tale of the Mary Sue/Her Universe Meetup that was crazy awesome. It began in tragedy: an unexpected and last minute change in location! Would anyone see the tweets? Check the updated post? Get frustrated and give up on the party entirely?

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  • Anonymous

    Awww I wish I could have been there. Have a meet up at Dragon*Con next year! That’s much closer to Florida haha.

  • Natasha Dythia

    Looks like it was fun, if not just a little hectic :) Hope you all get some sleep tonight!

  • Katrina Lovett

    Susanna- thanks for the great photo! Glad you liked the Pretty Ballerina Dalek cosplay! I had tonnes of fun and met some great new friends!

  • The Lewd Ood

    Needs more Pantozzi… Weird seeing her not in costume. I kinda figured she’d have moderated the panel in costume.

  • you guys

    Those crossed swords hanging on the wall are a sure sign that this was for the best.

  • DeAnna Mordente-Rossi

    I missed the post about the change and missed the party.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so sorry DeAnna! We edited the original post about the party, got as many people as we could to tweet about the change, asked the original bar to redirect anybody who asked for us to the new place, and everything else we could think of!

  • R.O.U.S.

    Jealous – looks like so much fun!