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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

My Spidey Sense Is Tingling

Is Marvel Giving Us An All-Woman X-Men Book With Marvel Now’s XX?

Marvel recently revealed this teaser image for a new series from Brian Wood and  Olivier Coipel. Nothing more. But considering the double helix image and “XX” we’re led to believe this will be a series based around mutants of the female variety. It may or may not be titled “XX” but we should know more next week. Which mutant women would you like to see sharing the stage?

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  • Boom Cookie

    OK, but I’m only going to read it if they’re Princess Mutants. And the men have The Cootie Mutation.

  • Colleen Vanderlinden

    I thought I read while back that Marjorie Liu had suggested an all-woman team and Marvel said no because it wouldn’t sell. She would have done a great job — loved her run on X-23 and current run on Astonishing.

  • George Trello

    I’d hope for X-23 except that she’s trapped in Avengers Arena. :-/

  • Anonymous

    Curious where the line of interest is.

    Fearless Defenders and potentially XX are all female and have been getting a fair amount of love online, in spite of yet to be released.

    Meanwhile, the upcoming X-Force is all ladies with one token guy. Is the one guy enough to muddy the water to make it undesirable?

  • Captain ZADL

    I’ve not read Marvel in a few decades, so my information is probably out of date.

    But from the old books, I’d like to see a kind of nod to ye olde New Mutants, with Dani Moonstar, Wolfsbane, and Xian Coy Minh as the core group (I can’t remember their code-names) as they seemed to have a lot to work with as characters. One could then add some of the former Hellions as well (see? I’m dating myself here) and have a pretty interesting dynamic between former enemies. The X-Books are usually pretty good about handling that kind of thing.

  • Anonymous

    I think Dani is going to be in Fearless Defenders when it comes out this or next month.

  • Terence Ng

    If they can make it as good as Heralds, I’m on. But Emma’s essentially been blacklisted, so that takes half the fun out of it. I guess it’ll be the rest of the X-Women being saccharine with one another, or they’ll suddenly manifest out-of-character bitchiness to fill the void. Emma’s got the necessary edge, and few characters can be written with the same cynical good humor that Immonen gave her (and few writers can strike that balance).

    But seriously, modeled after the character types and powersets of Heralds would be gold.

  • Anonymous

    So… did anyone else read Brain Wood’s run on Adjectiveless X-Men? The team was Storm, Psylocke, Pixie, Domino and Colossus so 4/5 were female. It was really good but it only lasted 8 issues (#30-37).

    Here’s hoping he gets some of those characters back. His writing of Storm was especially good as the team leader.

  • Anonymous

    I’d said X-23 mostly because she was a delight to play in Marvel VS Capcom 3 and because she was awesomely badass. Otherwise, I’ve always loved Malicia (in the movies and in the TV animated series, I never read the comics) because she had a hard-to-deal-with power and a hard-to-deal-with past. And bot of these girls weren’t clichéd.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Oddly enough, I meant to mention X-23…then forgot.

  • Joe

    I give Marvel 6 issues before they screw up the concept.

  • Anonymous

    Brought to you by two white dudes… how neat.

  • Not So Young Democrat

    Yes. So maybe that means this isn’t an all female team. While XX is the real life chromosome pair for women in this context, where X usually refers to Xavier, it could just mean “Double X” as in twice of something or “X Squared”. With the DNA graphic it could be some kind of “next stage of mutation” thing.

    Of course, maybe they decided that the concept would be salable as part of the X-universe. As I recall, Liu’s concept was more general with X-23, Elektra, Black Widow, and Mystique. These are all kind of bad ass fighter types but I’m not sure they share a lot of history. A new book might be more firmly within the X-universe than Liu’s proposal.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t Uncanny X-Force supposed to be all female? It’s Storm, Psylocke, Spiral, and Cluster. Am I missing someone?

  • Anonymous

    There was some time in the 80′s, when I was reading X-Men, that most of them were women: Storm as the leader, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, and I guess a couple more…there was some line in one issue where a little boy says he doesn’t want to be like the X-men any more because they are “all a bunch of girls.” Self-fulfilling prophecy? Anyway, glad if they’re giving it another try. I’ll buy.

  • Hunty

    Olivier Coipel is black though…

  • Arakiba

    Unfortunately, they’ll probably all get depowered, raped, or shoved into refrigerators before the title is canceled.

  • Anonymous

    Whaaaaa? Awesome. Though it would be cool if they could cheat the XX and get a trans person in there. That would be amazeballs.

  • Madder Red

    Why would that “muddy the water” or make it undesirable?

  • Madder Red


  • Madder Red

    Wolfsbane is kinda off the radar right now, but this could be a good chance to bring her back.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Hailey Snover

    This looks great, note to the creators, the use of the XX chromosomes and DNA helix (Implying only women have xx chromosomes, and that all women have xx chromosomes) is really transphobic and transmisogynystic. Please contact the writers to rethink this approach/symbol/name.

  • Hailey Snover

    If you trans women tweet @brianwood that the promo/potential title is cissexist and transmisogynystic #notallxx

  • Hailey Snover

    If this concerns you like it does me tweet @brianwood that the promo/potential title is cissexist and transmisogynystic #notallxx

  • Hailey Snover

    Votes for Marrow as well.

  • Anonymous

    Not a bad thought.

  • Kendi M.

    The Hellions are mostly dead now sadly Captain :( they’ve been revived I think twice, both by the Techno-Organic Virus in order to fight the New Mutants. Then gone again :(