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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

There And Back Again

Bilbo and the Great Flipping Off Everything in Middle Earth Adventure

Bilbo’s known to be a pretty mild mannered guy. I mean, it takes several hours of uninvited dwarven partying for him to even attempt to express disapproval of what’s going on in his house. But we all know what happens when more than a dozen strangers agree to travel across Middle Earth together while being filmed, and find out what happens when hobbits stop being polite… and start getting a bit cross.

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  • Emerald White

    The second last one is my favourite.

  • Nirali

    What a stand-up guy.

  • David Zgurski

    Has he seen the final cut of Desolation of Smaug? Don’t blame him.

  • R.O.U.S.

    I love sassy Martin so very much, but this reminds me a little too much of my wannabe white gansta ex who was always doing similar things – there is, somewhere, a threshold where funny meets obnoxious.

    That being said, I LOVE that this is a DVD extra topic.

  • Amy W

    Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the man whom I have the-worst-crush-in-the-history-of-movie-star-crushes on.

    It’s a really funny and kind of shocking contrast if you know me. But less surprising if you also know my real husband.

  • Anonymous

    have you?

  • Anonymous

    kudos for the real world reference.

  • Constance

    I don’t understand what people find attractive about flipping the camera off.

  • Elwyne

    I have a co-worker who gives every camera the finger – even the ones you think she can’t see.
    It must be the inner twelve-year-old, but I find it hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    It’s like a kid with a new toy! He’s British. They usually give the two-finger salute (backwards-facing peace sign) which means the same thing.

  • Lien

    These picture need some meme-like captions calling out to Hobbit haters.

  • Mark Brown

    Filthy little Hobbitses.

  • Robin S

    Ladies and gentlemen, Martin Freeman.

    …what a spectacularly adorable bastard.

  • Amy W

    Hah, if you’re referring to my comment: IT’S NOT. That’s what’s so funny. I am a person who doesn’t even swear mildly– it’s just not in my spoken vocabulary, because I was a goody-goody kid and by the time I wasn’t my vocabulary was pretty much set. Martin Freeman has a notoriously dirty mouth– and hands apparently– and yet I ADORE HIM. For a billion unrelated reasons. So I just shake my head and try not to smile, but it doesn’t work because he always freakin’ makes me smile, and it’s just something I accept about him because I love everything else so much.

    That said, if you look only at his FACE on some of these– dang, every time I see the little ad at the top, it’s enough to distract me… aw. So cute.

  • Stephanie Eversole Vandenburg

    There are…Hobbit…haters? How is that even possible?

  • Ross Van Loan

    Please let Bilbo put the Ring on The Bird!

  • Nicole Resweber

    See #4. ;)

  • Constance

    I haven’t read any comments on this article. I’ll check yours out, though. When I wrote mine, I was thinking about a friend’s significant other who flipped the camera off when my sister took a picture at my wedding, and the kid who thought it was cool in this article:

    I was a goody-goody kid, I’ve sworn like a sailor since high school (working on it, but I grew up in the military), but there’s something…low about a rude hand-gesture.