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There And Back Again

Be a More Perfect Bilbo Baggins, Martin Freeman. I Dare You. [VIDEO]

If you need any more proof that Martin Freeman is somehow a real-life version of Bilbo Baggins, watch this new The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey TV spot. He nails that inspirational speech. And the laugh after! Freeman is the perfect Bilbo. Who else could have played him? No one. No one else. That is the correct answer to that question.

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  • Anonymous

    yes, Martin Freeman does make the perfect Bilbo!

  • Emerald White

    That laugh, it’s so perfect. I just can’t wait for this. Please, please Peter Jackson, don’t break my heart and disappoint everyone.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll wait for the riddle challenge with Smaug.

  • Kathleen Cummings

    If any actor could be said to have been born to play a role…it’s MF for BB. Nobody does “everyman” as well as him…and no one can do his combination of cute/bada** like him. Counting the days.

  • Brian

    A few years ago? Jim Broadbent could have made a great Bilbo. Today? Not a damn person could do it but Freeman, and I’ve said that since the moment they cast Ian Holm. I do wish they’d padded him out a bit, though.