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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

Yes, Marion Cotillard Had To Lie About Her Dark Knight Rises Role

Look, Marion Cotillard wasn’t fooling any well-versed Batman fan when Christopher Nolan cast her as a no-name character in The Dark Knight Rises. We didn’t exactly call her a liar as she flatly denied rumors before the film came out, but we knew she was lying. And we were right. And now MTV has officially called her on it. What do you think her response was?

(via Spinoff)

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  • Matt Graham

    Argh, the dreaded “Video not available to Canada”. /sob

  • Anonymous

    Ha! I love that they’re both apologizing by the end. I totally suspected who Marion was playing but to just come right out and ask her? You had to know she wouldn’t admit to anything, guy.

  • Anonymous
  • GeekFurious

    I’d rather the actor lie than do what a Game of Thrones actor did recently when he revealed his death… in three seasons.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly after the Liam-Neeson-as-Ra’s-al-Ghul nonsense I suspected she was playing a whitewashed Talia as soon as she joined the cast.

  • Life Lessons

    Good for her! She had to do it nd rock on for not spilling. :)