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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

May The Force Be With You

Friendship: Posting Video of Your Buddy Watching Empire Strikes for the First Time on the Internet

The internet has its fare share of videos of small children finding out who Luke’s father is, but Carlos’ friends knew they had something special on their hands when they realized their buddy had reached the age of twenty three without ever being exposed to The Empire Strikes Back or even encountering somebody going “Luuuuuuuuuke I am your faaaaatheeerrrrr” in a terrible impression of James Earl Jones. So they did the best thing for all interested parties. They filmed him watching that pivotal moment. And then they put it on the internet for the rest of us to enjoy.

NSFW for language. Pop those earbuds in, folks. And don’t cut out of the video early or you’ll miss his suggestion for what Luke should do in the face of this information.

(via The FW.)


  • Anonymous

    I got to have the same experience with a friend a few years ago. After she had finished freaking out, she said “Wow, you know, a whole bunch of jokes make a LOT more sense now!”

  • Anonymous

    I know I’m a geek so I’m pretty biased, but are there really people who don’t know this? I’ve met plenty of people who have never seen the movies, but that phrase has been used and re-used so often in pop culture I’m honestly surprised that most Americans don’t just absorb it through cultural osmosis. Or maybe I’m jus getting old :/

  • Anonymous

    You’d be surprised. I recently watched SW with a friend who also made it to 23 knowing nothing about the films. I was pretty shocked, but a lot of cultural osmosis can go over someone’s head if they’re not in tune with the source. It makes showing these movies to some adults more fun than you’d expect.

  • Louis Gonzales

    My friend didn’t know what Back to the Future was! I almost had a seizure!