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New Maleficent Trailer: Now THAT’S What I’m Talking About

I wasn’t thrilled with the choices made for the last Maleficent trailer. Frankly, I knew they could do better than a cheesy voiceover and awkward editing in of the animated film. Anyway, now they have. They just needed a little help from Lana del Ray.

(via Nerdist)

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  • Philip Lopez

    This still doesn’t do much to get me excited about the movie, but good lord that cover is creepy. I want to listen to it all the time!

  • Velynna

    I hear you. I’ve listened to it 3 times in the last 20 minutes.

  • Isaac Nolan

    A nice change of direction from the first trailer for sure! But I’m still annoyed by them making the fairies look so fake, and them changing Maleficent into a misunderstood anti-hero who wants to protect the environment (which isn’t explicitly shown in this trailer, but is in the official description on IMDB). This is definitely still on my “maybe” list of movies to go see in cinema.

  • locuas

    that singing tells me they at least know ow to work the atmosphere of the movie. i am also glad to see Maleicent’s evil smile. i was worried they were going to show her as a “I don’t enjoy doing this” kind of tragic figure. Instead we are she doesn’t really regret what she is doing. at the moment at least.

  • Jessie

    I can’t get over how perfect Angelina’s face is for this role.

  • Anonymous

    The cover doesn’t do it for me. I’m interested how it would have sounded with the original song’s vocal track and the musical track from this trailer. Then you’d have had some real dissonance with the juxtaposition. This is just Dead Voice with Drab Music over Dark Imagery. All hammer, no finesse.

  • M. Con

    I’m a bit more confident in this movie after learning more of crew members: Don Hahn is co-producing and Linda Woolverton AND Paul Dini are the writers for this film. I mean, if the script is from the woman who made Beauty and the Beast and the man who brought us Harley Quinn, at the very least, it might be an fairly inspired production after all.

  • Anonymous

    Love the creepy cover and definitely agree it’s a better trailer than the second.

    That said: Dear internet fandoms, could we try really hard to give a thing a chance before declaring that it will most certainly be awful. Not referring to the editorial so much as comments that write most things off as failure while they are still in utero.

  • Jessie

    I don’t really get the obsession with the pure evil thing here. Do people really think beings are born evil? I could see if all fairies had similar moral compasses and it was an attitude perceived as evil by humans, but that clearly isn’t the case as there are “good” fairies. So if beings aren’t born evil, then there has to be somewhere along the “nurture” line where shit went wrong.

    I don’t think it’s possible to build an entire movie around a 2D character. Pure evil is easy to create and sustain when the movie focuses around Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent is a plot device. I think people need to grow up and get over it. She could have developed into something deliciously evil and unapologetic and still have a complicated back story with issues. No sane person would feel bad for someone forever, no matter how bad their back story is. At some point she chose a path.

    But then maybe I’m not overly invested since I’m not really a Disney fan.

  • Charlie

    I soooo want this to be good. As my sister watched this film over and over dreaming of Prince Philip. I secretly wanted to turn into a dragon.

  • Travis

    Oh, I’d forgotten that this movie is bound to inspire all sorts of new versions of “Once Upon A Dream.” That’s something to look forward to.

  • Mehmed Celebi

    I’m not sure why, but my favorite thing about the whole movie are Maleficent’s cheekbones. May can’t come fast enough!

  • Isaac Nolan

    If that was the case, then I’d be alright with it! I’m not sure whether it’s for the whole movie or just a bit of it, but from the way she says to Aurora in the first trailer that there’s an evil that she can’t keep her from, which basically confirms that she’s out to protect Aurora, meaning she probably won’t be evil unfortunately.

  • Brett W

    The Joker. Your argument is invalid.

  • Isaac Nolan

    The problem is not that she has a troubled back story, as I agree that nobody is born evil, it’s that she seems to be being portrayed as an anti-hero throughout the movie in it’s entirety, never becoming truly evil. That is the problem I have with the situation.

    I would just prefer this whole trend of changing well known characters into tragic anti-heros to end, I have no problem with the concept itself since when it’s executed properly it can lead to a great character, but sometimes I would honestly just like to see a villain who is evil simply because they enjoy being evil, and that’s what Maleficent was.

  • Skol Troll

    THIS! There’s NO back story for Joker, but he’s the most interesting character, regardless of D’s.

  • Skol Troll

    I just got the whole “misunderstood tree-lover” from the first trailers. Now, she just looks like a ticked off evil druid.

  • Anonymous

    Consider how well the live action version of Cruella De Vil by Glen Close was received: We don’t need a tortured backstory to enjoy an individual who logically may not have been “born evil” but is still portrayed as unrepentantly evil.

    Likewise, I don’t need a backstory for Maleficent’s “anti-hero” reimagining. Part of the movie clearly takes place during the events of the original story, rather than it being all backstory. If I see a movie about her, I’d rather it be about her being more or less deliciously evil; I mean, damn, she calls herself the “Mistress of Evil” and calls upon all the forces of Hell.

    Sure, throw in some humanist aspects (like the Queen in Snow White and the Huntsman), but why bother trying to turn her into a secret hero in such a cliche sort of way?

    If they really want to go a dark route where Maleficent is a misunderstood hero, they should do a complete reversal which likewise includes Aurora as a villain, akin to Neil Gaiman’s take on Snow White in “Glass, Snow, Apples”.

  • Run Amok

    It looks a bit Snow White and the Huntsman, which makes me wary. That movie wanted so much to be epic and complex but just felt a bit underdeveloped.

  • Jessie

    But the Joker went through a traumatic event and is generally considered a psychopath. That’s literally the entire creation of him. He doesn’t have some sort of born evil origin story. Your desire to belittle obviously overcomes any desire to make sense. Unless you don’t consider being dropped into a vat of acid and being horribly disfigured enough reason for insanity?

  • Anonymous

    We don’t have that backstory for the Joker in The Dark Knight. He doesn’t have any backstory, only a range of invented stories about his past. We know nothing definite about his motivations. And he’s still a fantastic villain.

  • Jessie

    I just want to say thank you for replying without being nasty.

    I think the problem with Maleficent being firmly one way or the other is that we don’t know anything about her. Some people, clearly, have interpreted her as being very evil, but what we actually know of the Disney version of her is that she is created in the long of line of shallow evil female characters who all seem to hate youth, beauty, and innocence from a place irrational crazy female jealousy. I think the “bad assedness” is very forgiving of Disney. I don’t think they had any such intention. I’m not discussing Perrault and Bastile, but the crazy jealous fairy, mom, step mom, insert older female character was still a trend.

    I think if she just enjoyed being evil and that was her only motivation, her evil actions wouldn’t have been set up as a response to being slighted. That implies she has some sort of “softer” emotional response, if it is nothing but pride. I think this is where you get all these anti-heros, though I would argue you could have a villain someone where in between. If you want to see a truly evil character who does evil because it makes him/her happy, you’d probably want to set that character up from the beginning as just doing evil to whomever whenever without any rhyme or reason. It’s hard to pull them out of already established stories.

  • Dara Crawley

    This kind of pushes me towards there portraying Maleficent as kind of neutral, a man v.s nature conflict that Aurora by incident of birth is caught up in because of who her father is. I kind of like this idea because it does go back to…kind of the conflict between the pagan and non-pagan world. Maleficent representing nature, magic, the old matriarchy of hectate and hera and other goddesses. The king representing human conquest, the patriarchal view of women as needing protecting, etc. I hope this is kind of where the film is going.
    I really would love it if Maleficent is just a true neutral entity with wicked tendencies. She like Aurora because she sees the girl likes nature. But she is a means to an end. Maleficent is the root that breaks the concrete, the tornado that flattens a village, the rabid dog that bites a child. She does what she wants as she sees fit. She’s just a force of nature and if you call her evil then she’ll just delight in your ignorance. To me that makes her more frightening and powerful than being plain evil.

  • R.O.U.S.

    Holy cheekbones, batman! Prosthetics?

  • Jessie

    I don’t think anyone, but perhaps the most unaware individuals don’t know the Joker’s origin story. It’s that commonly known. It’s very short. Either way he is played as a disfigured psychopath. You don’t have to know exactly how he got that way, but it gives understanding or “profiles” his actions.

    I’m not saying that backstory has to all be one way, but this pure evil character isn’t as interesting as someone like say the Joker. Also, even in the Dark Knight the movie wasn’t all about him. It’s easy to forget because Heath’s performance steals the show. You mostly see the Joker in action scenes or fight scenes. You rarely if never, it’s been a while since I’ve seen this movie, see the joker in his lair only with his cronies or alone. It’s really easy to get the impression of evil only, when you only see it juxtaposed to whomever he is robbing/killing, the police, or Batman. I assume we’ll be seeing Maleficent in many of her own scenes, unless the movie isn’t as much about her as the name would imply.

  • Cellism

    I know that it’s very common to bash things without giving them a chance but my personal reservations on the project are based on the PR material that described Maleficent as much less a villain and more a misunderstood anti-hero of the entire thing. I’m sure it will be good but even the notion of delegitimising one of pop culture’s truly villainous female figures seems off-putting. (The vast majority of ‘evil’ women in media are driven by petty jealous or romantic spite.)

  • Cellism

    In regards to villains becoming ant-heroes, please see Darth Vader.

  • Jessie

    I wanted to say the Borg were a great example of this. Never being at war with any individual, at least not from their perspective, or created by any individual action, but even the central conscious of the Borg believed in something and had an ideal and reasoning for it’s actions. Doesn’t make most people sympathize, but still not pure evil and I don’t think they enjoyed destroying cultures…more that they enjoyed assimilation and “perfection”.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Yes, prosthetics for sure. Though her’s are pretty damn striking as is.

  • Anonymous

    BlesseGrimm let this trailer actually be true to the movie and not that previous piece of crap that nearly tore my heart to shreds!
    I like the fact that Disney seems to have reacted with extreme haste to right the wrong they did with the last trailer. I just wonder now what the final movie will look like…

  • Anonymous

    It has more sth. to do to stay true to the source material, I also don’t make “Goldfinger, the misunderstood hero” right? What astonishes me most of the trailer is that Maleficent is being associated with nature. I always saw Aurora being connected with nature and Maleficent with death and livelessness.

  • Jessie

    Well, for one I’m not arguing for her to be a hero or anti hero, though I don’t like anti hero because it’s an incredibly vague term. I just don’t have a problem with her being a complicated villain. There seems to be a general misunderstanding there. Even the devil has a backstory, in most cultures and religions.

    Kind of what I said in a response to someone else, Cruella works because she’s doing what she’s doing cause she wants to. Her actions are very clear. She values coats over animal life or respect for other people’s pets. She’s not trying to make a coat out of the dogs because the dogs did anything to her or because the owners did anything to her. She’s not a nice lady, but her “evilness” doesn’t really spread to any other part of her life. She’s not out to kill random people or even dogs. She not even really evil, she’s a rotten egg from the fashion industry. No one would be awarding her a death sentence for her actions, except maybe PETA.

    I’m not sure if Aurora could be a villain, since she was cursed before she was born. With Snow White all the actions take place after she grows up.

  • Steven McDade

    Makes me think too much of Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. This is a wait and see movie for me now. Had high hopes but I’m tired of rehashing the classics.

  • Anonymous

    But, as you say, he is the villain of the piece. We enjoy him but at some level we are rooting for Batman to stop him from murdering and disfiguring people.

    This is a film about Maleficent as the central figure – we can’t just watch her be evil and then get killed. She may be a tragic figure and we watch her flaws and her circumstances thwart her (Oedipus, Wicked). Would Macbeth be an interesting play if he were just a power-mad psycho?

  • Travis

    “I don’t think it’s possible to build an entire movie around a 2D character.”

    Michael Meyers and Jason Voorhees beg to differ. And ultimately, that’s what I want out of Maleficent. A monster that does terrible things to people because “fuck you, that’s why.”

    I don’t want her to be an anti-hero. I don’t want to relate to her. I want her to be a relentlessly cruel force of darkness that is only happy when nobody else is.

    Maleficient shouldn’t be fighting for the greater good, or for nature, or for anything but herself. She is the center of her own universe and she has the power to back up the attitude.

  • Anonymous

    It says she’s betrayed. I don’t think it’s a guy, but rather Aurora’s mom. If you remember the old tale this is based on, then Maleficient and the faeries are Aurora’s mother’s guardians. I think when she marries Aurora’s father that there is a betrayal somehow.

  • Brett W

    My point was that the character is one of the greatest villains ever and is universally loved (hated?) despite being the very definition of one-note evil just-plain-villainy. Why? Because that’s the entire attraction of the character. He may not have been born evil, but everything about him before he was dipped is completely unknown. Some writers have tried to fill in the blanks about who he was before the accident, but nothing ever really sticks, because who the character was and why he became evil isn’t important. Or at least, not as important. Maleficent is the same. People love her *because* of her one-note evil and grand theatricality. There is no “person” behind the darkness. That’s all she is. A spectre. The Mistress of All Evil. It’s the whole appeal of the character. Like the scene where she invokes the powers of hell and transforms into a black dragon.I still get chills from that. For people who relate to the character this way, trying to retroactively justify the character’s actions just waters her down and makes her come off as weak and pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    I hear you.

    As an example of how Aurora could be a villain, you simply take the perspective that the kingdom is corrupt and that inherently, the princess is likewise a product of a corrupt kingdom. Yes, she may be cursed at birth, but perhaps someone with Maleficent’s power has prophesied that Aurora’s birth ushers in even worse devastation. It doesn’t work if the fairytale princess is still fair and good, but it does work if you actually reimagine the fairytale princess as false, that the original story’s claims of justness, fairness, kindness, evil, wickedness, etc. are all propaganda written by the winners of history. That was kind of the take in “Snow, Glass, Apples”, or even “Wicked”, which made it quite interesting.

  • Anonymous

    Man, what good Joker performance or story has been one-note? He’s never been a flat character, and to think he has is to miss so much about him.

    It isn’t about a deep backstory or conflicted motives or being misunderstood. Joker doesn’t need those. However, there’s so much texture to him. Mark Hamill’s performance is a wonderful balance of killer and clown. Heath Ledger had a minor-key beauty in his staccato rhythms.

    I’m not necessarily in full agreement with either you or Jessie, but there’s got to be something more than flat. If Maleficent is as flat as, say, Oz the Great and Powerful, ungh. Would not be good.

  • Anonymous

    As an Elvis Costello fan, I always approve of creepy minor key covers.

  • Ashe

    This trailer is definitely better than the first.

    Great laughs by Angelina Jolie. Lana’s song added a lot of mood. But, I gotta ask…is the whole ‘dramatically stabbing a dagger into a table’ a trope or something? I feel like I see that a lot!

  • Ashe

    They apparently slimmed down the fairies, too.

    Dang it. I want old fat fairies!

  • Eve

    Oooh, now I’m excited again!

  • Adrian

    It’s wonderful how the song’s lovey-dovey feeling can so easily shift to a dark, manipulative intent. Now the song, if you imagine Maleficent is singing it to or at Aurora, seems to lay out how she plans on using Aurora toward her own ends. It’s delightfully twisted. I can’t wait to see the movie now.

  • Brett W

    Okay, flat is not the right word. What I meant is that the character has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. He’s about as cartoonishly evil as you can get. But that’s what makes him fun.

  • imelda

    But those cheekbones look painful!!!

  • Guest

    “But the Joker went through a traumatic event”

    Did he? Did he…reeeeaaaallly?

    But okay, even if you’re going with TKJ backstory as the accurate one and not just whatever he maybe remembered at the time (which, yeah, I do)…still doesn’t disprove the fact that you can built an entire story on the Joker just being an evil evil person. They’ve done it before.

  • Anonymous

    I still think that’s missing a bit of a distinction. Joker isn’t fun because of the fact that he is unredeemedly, cartoonishly evil, he’s fun because of *how* he is unredeemedly, cartoonishly evil.

    Enjoyable characters need depth and texture. A common way to do this is to give villains a bit of a good side, or heroes a bit of a bad side. However, that’s not the only way, and redeeming (or damning) qualities aren’t necessary. But purity of good or purity of evil aren’t in-and-of-themselves sufficient either. Joker has a particular flavor of crazy which makes his pure evil interesting.

    This isn’t really anything incompatible or contradictory or trying to undermine your posts. I just think it’s worth putting out there for completeness, even if it’s kind of boilerplate, in it’s way.

  • Dan Griffin

    So, Snow White and the Huntsmen told from the witches point of view?

  • Anonymous

    I feel the same, I’m just not sure about Lana Del Ray.