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Allow us to explain.

Good News Everyone!

Maleficent Might Cast Elle Fanning As Aurora, Starts Shooting in June

Along with the announcement that Disney‘s live-action retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story will begin shooting in June, it was also mentioned that Maleficent might have found its innocent, comatose princess. Elle Fanning is in talks to star as Aurora, opposite the eponymous villain, who will be played by Angelina Jolie. So, it’s happening? Yes, it’s happening.

While the casting is not official yet, the 13-year-old Fanning is on a bit of a hot streak following her roles in J.J. AbramsSuper 8, Cameron Crowe‘s We Bought a Zoo, and Sofia Coppola‘s 2010 movie, Somewhere. And considering Maleficent is a pre-quel of sorts — detailing the origins of the evil sorceress — Fanning seems to fit the bill as a younger Aurora than we were introduced to in the original animated movie.

The movie will shoot in London starting this June, and it’s being described as a “passion project” for Jolie. There has been talk about the actress joining this project since last summer (when Tim Burton was involved, and then wasn’t), and after making her directorial debut (In the Land of Blood and Honey) as well as her turns in the Kung Fu Panda movies, she said she was eager to do a live-action, family-friendly movie. Her kids have also been pushing for her to take the role, calling her “mom-elicent,” according to THR. But mostly, she said she was drawn to the script by Linda Woolverton, who also wrote Beauty and the Beast (the first animated movie to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar) and Alice in Wonderland, and co-wrote The Lion King. She also helped bring Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King to the Broadway stage, as well as Aida and Lestat.

Maleficent will be directed by Robert Stromberg, who was a production designer on Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, the upcoming Oz the Great and Powerful, directed by Sam Raimi.

My question now is this: When can Angelina Jolie work with Sam Raimi? Because WHOA, that would be awesome.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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  • kimberly gross

    I’m not as excited as I was when Tim Burton was set to direct. It would have been perfect for him. I’m expecting darker undertones for Maleficent. I’ll still watch and keep up with the story, but it was a sad sad day when Tim dropped out.

  • Anonymous

    I am actually more excited than I was when Tim Burton was set to direct, because I have seen enough Tim Burton movies. /unpopular opinion.

  • Carly Snarky-Hippo Costa

    Not a fan of Fanning.

  • BelleChere

    Maleficent isn’t a Queen – she’s a fairy. A sorceress, a ‘Mistress of All Evil’, but not a Queen. I’m looking forward to this story!

  • Jamie Frevele

    This has been corrected. Thanks for pointing this out!

  • mary elizabeth newsom

    Isn’t Aurora older than 13?

  • A Talbot

    Fanning is fitting because Aurora would be younger at the point the film is set because It’s about the beginning of Maleficent

  • Naeko

    I don’t like that he seems to often put visual style ahead of an interesting story.

  • Addie/Annie D

    I just dislike Elle Fanning altogether. I didn’t mind her in Super 8 but in some ways, she just irks me. I guess it’s the hype around her.

  • Rachel Banzhaf

    I haven’t seen her act but she has the right look. Also has the added benefit that if it does so well they remake Sleeping Beauty to follow this movie (depends how the script is set up of course), they’re reasonably sure Elle Fanning will be usable a few years down the line based on Dakota Fanning’s track record (i.e. not F’ing everything up yet like many child actresses are wont to do)

  • Frodo Baggins

    I’m just going off the Disney film here, but didn’t Maleficent “begin” before Aurora was born?

  • Frodo Baggins

    “And considering Maleficent is a pre-quel of sorts — detailing the origins of the evil sorceress”

    So, no finger prick, no thorn forest, no dragon? Why do we care, then? Is, “I didn’t get invited to the party, therefore I will kill your daughter” such a compelling motivation that audiences are really clamoring to delve into that character?

  • Adam Whitley

    maybe they’ll give her a real story this time around a la wicked

  • Frodo Baggins

    The thing is, The WWotW had a legitimate beef: Dorothy killed her sister and stole her shoes (or so it appeared to her), and then the Wizard sent Dorothy to kill her. That’s the kind of villain one can identify with. Maleficent spends 16 years trying to murder a kid for some minor insult on the part of her parents. That’s not just evil, that’s majorly douchey. You’d think someone with her own castle, army of goblin things, and unrivaled magical powers wouldn’t be so pathetically insecure and petty. A prequel about her promises Anikin levels of whiny martyr-complexing.

  • Anonymous

    Oh man that is right…hopefully they won’t screw the story up. Maleficent put a curse on the baby/kingdom because she wasn’t invited to the christening of Aurora. Maybe they just got it mixed up with the Queen from Snow White. 

  • Anonymous

    Wait that means no colorful fairies either…I’m now depressed.