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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

this exists

MAC Wonder Woman Line Has Non-Makeup Items!

MAC‘s Wonder Woman makeup line is great — if you wear makeup. Some girls simply don’t wear it, can’t be bothered with the skin that covers our otherwise occupied brains. And some of us do wear makeup, but just can’t find a place for hot pink in everyday life, especially on one’s face. But MAC also has Wonder Woman things that are not meant for your face! Huzzah!

MAC definitely made the right move by offering up a Wonder Woman tee shirt, especially one that isn’t too tight, too short, too low cut, covered in shiny, glittery things. Or pink. This shirt appears to have none of those issues.

Is the MAC logo on the back, sullying the excellent Wonder Woman-ness? A bit. In fact, yes. But it is their shirt. And it’s not as if it was taking over the main attraction on the front. We’ll let this slide.

And let’s talk about that bag. The story depicted on it comes from their ad campaign storyline, in which Wonder Woman defeats Medusa and saves the Plain Janes from eternal plain-itude. (I suppose we can’t ask too much in the way of plot from a makeup line.) And the gold straps … inspired by the bracelets? Designed to protect your belongings by thwarting pickpockets? Maybe not. But they look cool. (So cool that the bag is currently out of stock.)

(MAC via Comics Alliance)

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  • Brianna Sheldon

    Boo on only having small-large sizes! I wear an XL and I would have probably bought one!

  • K@

    The makeup is wonderful. Amazingly fun colors and easy to mess with. Having Wonder Woman on it only makes it better and way more fun to do a quick touch up in public.